Fishy humor for March 30th

As everyone enjoyed the fishy joke from last week, I came up with a few more, I hope you enjoy them!




Why did the investor refuse the cannery owners offer of lunch?

Something smelled fishy.


Why did the programmer go fishing?

He was looking for a byte.


Why was the computer called the best fisherman around?

Because he had a lot of bytes.


Two clowns were juggling flaming torches as they walked down the beach. When they met a man with a rod, one turned to the other and asked “Does something smell fishy?” The other clown replied “Now that you mention it, I do smell something reel strong.”


Why did the policeman always hate walking past the cannery?

There was always something fishy going on.


Did you hear about the robbery of the fish truck? It was found crashed into a food dye factory. No one knows who stole it, there were just too many red herrings.




I hope you enjoyed these jokes tonight. Let me know if you’d like more fishy jokes in the future.

Thanks for reading!


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