This time, all the gold in the universe will be mine!

It is I, Dr J. Smith again.

Somehow this bubble headed nincompoop managed to hack into this blog again, though I’ll never understand why it always happens on April first. .. 

 This year I have a new scheme to get rich! I’m going to reverse the polarity of time and force it to flux into this capacitor, where I’ll strain out every gram of gold that has ever existed!

 I’ll just pull this lever like this… Hmm, nothing happened, maybe if I push this button while I pull that lever… Still nothing. I know! I’ll push all these buttons and throw all the levers!

 Gah! Now I’ve reversed the polarity of time twenty times, negating every reversal and causing nothing to happen! This wouldn’t have happened if that bubble headed numbskull had hooked up the power correctly!

 What’s that, Will? I hooked up the power? I did no such thing! Do you think that I, Dr J. Smith, am incapable of correctly hooking up a simple power cord? Nonsense my boy, absolute hogwash I assure you. It must have been something that robot did wrong, he has never been the same since loosing his power pack last year…

 Ah well, never mind William, there’s always next year. Now come along my boy, I think I see a vending machine over there, maybe we can order ourselves an android.


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