A quick week 

It’s been a quick week, too quick in fact. I haven’t been able to get the special posts I was planning on finished yet, however I’ll have them ready next week.


I’ve been thinking about having a few posts regarding steampunk, I’m curious if anyone is interested in steampunk and other related things or not, let me know in the comments.


I missed my humor/joke post this week and apologize for the lack of humor this week, rest assured that I’ll have jokes next week.


 I’ll leave you with a two classic jokes, I hope you enjoy:


After a bloody battle, Blackbeard had lost most of his crew. He began setting pots of dirt all over his ship, much to the dismay of his crew, when he began putting maize seeds in them, the crew demanded an explanation. He replied “We need more pirates, These plants are a good source of buccaneers!”


Why did the mad scientist create a machine that could only cause rain inside buildings on farms?
He wanted to go barnstorming!

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