Steampunk post #1

While I don’t like this title, it’s the best I had tonight.


 It can be hard to know where to begin in regards to steampunk. Therefore I’m going to try to take it one part at a time over the next few weeks.

 My blog isn’t going to become steampunk centered, but I’ll likely have one post a week. If there are any parts of steampunk that you want me to go deeper into, feel free to let me know.


 Steampunk is a separate genre from the other related genres, such as clock punk, diesel punk, sandal punk, ect.

The main differences between the genres is that steampunk always uses steam to power interesting devices, as opposed to clock punk that focuses on clockwork powered devices, however there is a lot of crossover between the two genres.

I use the term genre a bit loosely here, as steampunk has moved from books to cosplay and general decorations.

 Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering the history of steampunk, the tropes associated with it, airships and even a few of my favorite steampunk books.

 I hope you’ll enjoy this series of posts.

Thanks for reading.


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