What is steampunk. Part 2

I hope you enjoyed last weeks post on steampunk, tonight I’ll go a into a bit more detail on what steampunk is.


 While steampunk is mostly focused on steam powered devices, it is common to have clockwork devices as well, though there is a fine line between steampunk and clockpunk, though in some cases it’s a line that can easily become blurred.

 In general, as long as there is some kind of steam powered device included in some form, you can have clockwork devices as well.

 Clockwork devices can be used for much more than just telling time,  such as clockwork animals that can be wound up to ask like a real animal, for instance. Clockwork knights are also popular.

 Clockwork devices can also be used in conjunction with steam powered devices. With enough imagination anything is possible, which is quite likely why steampunk is continuing to become more popular.


 Another thing that almost every steampunk story mentions in some form are airships. These airships are basically blimps or zeppelins of various designs, they can be used as warships, pirate ships or simply are passenger ships.  




I’m breaking this post into multiple parts in hopes that it will be easier to understand in small parts.
 I hope you’re enjoying these steampunk posts, if you have any questions or comments on it, feel free to post in the comments below.
 Thanks for reading, next week I’ll have more on what steampunk is.


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