Ruining food: A look back

Tonight I thought I’d take a few minutes to look back at the foods I ruined around this date during the past two years.

First off is my ninth ruining food post, which was on ruining tacos:

A quick glance at it shows just how much I’ve changed and improved this series of posts over its run. Besides the typos (which still happen, I’m afraid to say),  it’s not as well-organized or as informative.

One thing you might notice is the title itself, which is ruining any meal instead of food, a minor change I made quite a while ago.

This post is also now on my list to revisit, perhaps as soon as next week, I hope to add several new ideas for ruining a taco, I also hope to be able to find a little more out about the exact origin of tacos themselves.


Next we turn to last years post, on ruining meatballs.

As you can easily see, this post is a lot closer to how I currently do them, well-organized and fairly informative.

However it is entirely to general in terms of ruining a food, it does the job, but a series of posts each one featuring a different meatball would be better and are also on my list of foods to ruin.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look back at this series, next week I’ll be bringing you a brand new post with food ruined to perfection.

If there are any foods you think would make good candidates to ruin, please feel free to suggest them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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