Is it Steampunk: Airships

Tonight I thought I’d take a moment to talk about airships and their place in steampunk.
Almost every good steampunk story includes an airship of some kind. Yet there are airships that fit in steampunk and those that just don’t quite fit right.

  • Zeppelins: Steampunk, pure and simple.
  • Blimps: There are generally steampunk, yet just throwing one in a story doesn’t make a story steampunk.
  • Hot air balloons: these could be steampunk, yet they might fit into clockpunk better.
  • Bi-planes: Not steampunk, these would fit somewhere between steampunk and dieselpunk.
  • Planes in general: not steampunk, they are dieselpunk if anything.


 There is one exception to these and that is something like the airship in Jules Verne’s Master of the World.

 While airships are a key part of steampunk, they can easily be found in many other ‘punk genres.


I hope this answered any questions you might have been wondering about airships in Steampunk. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, I’m open to expanding this post. At a later time if it’s warranted.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Is it Steampunk: Airships

  1. My favorite airships as Miyazaki’s, especially the ones in Laputa. They are so interesting, with all sorts of configurations, yet you can see the inner workings — the guys with grease on their faces adjusting steam valves and stuff.

    One thing I do question is the “punk” in Steampunk. If you look at the Victorian manners generally found in Steampunk fiction, they’re pretty much the opposite of punks. Probably too late to change that, however.


    1. Thanks for reading my blog.
      I have to admit you have a point, the punk in steampunk is kinda odd, but I read that there is a reason for it, I’ll have to look it up again, that might be just the thing for my next steampunk post.
      Thanks for commenting!

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