How cats see the Olympics 

Now that the Olympics are beginning to wind down, you might be getting sick and tired of them, but do you know how your cat sees them? Read on to find out:


——– ———————-

Sprint: I can run faster in my sleep.


Golf: Mark Twain once said golf is a good walk ruined, I say golf is a good sleep to watch.


 Swimming: Humans are fools, who wants to get wet? They probably stay out in the rain too.


Volleyball: I can do the same thing with a mouse, now who deserves a gold medal?


Gymnastics: Now that’s a sport! Now if they would just do it with a mouse in their mouths.


Wrestling: ehh, I can do better, want to try me?


Soccer: same as volleyball, I’d do it with a mouse and on stairs.


Discus: they give medals for dog owners now? What’s next? Synchronized fish feeding?


High jump: not bad, but I can jump higher, just give me a reason to.


————— ————-

While there are many other sports in the Olympics, these are the only ones I was able to get answers from a cat before he returned to watching golf.

Thanks for reading!

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