Can’t we just get along?

First it was a drawn out election, now that the election is over, we half have a country complaining that their candidate lost, some are even trying to split up the USA, the others are just spitting.

 Isn’t it time that we put our differences aside, forge ahead and try to work out a compromise? Isn’t there some common ground that we can find? If not, I’m sure most people would settle for coffee grounds.

 Instead of people trying to make the best of things, the losing side is complaining and saying that the country has gone backwards, which is semi true, after all  we just set our clocks back over the weekend.

 There are no winners and losers, we’re one country, but we’re divided, we need to find the common ground and work from there. Maybe it’s hopeless, but it needs to be tried before everyone just gives up and….

Whoops, too late, it’s a new election cycle! The race for 2020 is underway! 


 In a completely unrelated note, I’d like to declare my candidacy for president in the 2032 election, by then I hope to have a bigger blog following.


 I’ll have jokes for you tomorrow night, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Can’t we just get along?

  1. All I can say, as an old feminist, is that I get really tired of facing discrimination and then being told I should graciously compromise and look for common ground. Because those who judge me by my gender seem to have no interest in looking for common ground with me.


    1. Debyfredericks- From one old feminist to another, it sounds as if you have an interesting story to tell. This country still has not passed the equal rights amendment, but the one thing we all have a right to is a sense of humor. This blog is a (mostly)humor blog and should be viewed in that light.

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