Thursday night jokes

When is Thursday like Wednesday? When I lose track of the days. While that might not be a good joke, it is, unfortunately, the truth, somehow I forgot that last night was Wednesday night.

 I’ve decided to bring back a few old jokes for tonight, since it’s almost winter, I thought you might enjoy these snowy jokes.




Why did the gambler start a snow removal business?

Because you can clean up with snow.


Why did the gambler in Alaska start a snow removal business?

He said it was a sure bet.


Was the snowman afraid of the snow shovel?

He was frozen stiff.


Why is a melting snowball like a spy?

They both came in from the cold.


Why did the snowball become a rouge spy?

Because is was out in the cold.


A priest, a snowman and a farmer walk into a police station in Hawaii to report a crime. The farmer and priest enjoy the warmth, while the snowman says “I feel like I’m being grilled.”




That’s all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed the jokes, thanks for reading!

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