2016 Christmas themed game updates

This year has fewer games with Christmas themed updates than last year, at least so far, I’m hopeful that the next few days will see more games release new updates.





We’ll start with an old favorite, Hayday. For the past several years Hayday had had the best holiday updates, unfortunately this year it seems to be lacking. There are still the same decorations that there were last year, but nothing new. However there are rumors of an update coming in the next few days, with luck there will be new decorations.




 I have to thank Jennifer Paetsch from http://lmgcomic.com/ for getting me hooked on this game around Halloween, it’s quickly become one of my favorite games.

 As this is my first year playing HappyStreet, everything is new to me. There are several tasks to be completed, daily gifts and even sleighs to stop before they drive out of sight.

I haven’t gotten very far in getting all the special Christmas buildings in yet, however I haven’t been disappointed in this game yet.


Jetpack Joyride 
 Jetpack Joyride was the first game I saw to get their Christmas theme up this year. While there isn’t anything new to buy in it, all of the evil scientists are dressed up with mistletoe and wreaths. There are also other decorations on the background. 




Hopefully I’ll have another post with more games next week.

 Thanks for reading!


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