A cats thoughts for January 11th

Once again I’m bringing you a cat’s thoughts, tonight it will be on a few of the news stories, mostly from the past week, enjoy.




In response to the allegations of Russian hacking:

 “Hacking isn’t fun, it’s even worse if there isn’t a shoe to hack into… or a blanket.”


In response to my question regarding the Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks:

“Cabinets are good to knock things off of, as are shelves and dressers. However you do have to pick the items well, glass ones make beautiful noise when they fall, but treats taste good.”


About the uproar around the Golden Globe awards:

“Humans do seem to like gold, I do too, but only in string, globes are too hard to dig your claws into.”


About the weather:

“Cold weather is good for laps or nice thick blankets, either one may do.”




I hope you enjoyed these words of cat insight. Thanks for reading!


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