A cat’s thoughts, week 5

Tonight we welcome back our normal question answering cat! I hope you enjoy tonight’s answer!



 Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your week off and I’m sure our readers are interested in what you were doing.

 I missed a week? Huh, guess I must have been asleep.


This week we’re going to avoid the main political happenings, however I want your opinion on France banning free soda refills, do you think other countries will follow suit?

 Who cares? Maybe you humans care, but I’m going to remain calm until catnip is rationed.


Okay, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Moving on, what plans do you have for the weekend?

 The weekend? Same as I do everyday, I guess, eat, sleep, get my ears scratched and my belly rubbed. What else is there to do? Besides catch mice?


Do you really like to catch mice?

 Oh yes! It’s fun and I get praised for doing it! There’s nothing better than tossing a mouse down a hallway… I don’t much like the mice you play with, but I’m not much on computers anyway.


 That’s about all the time we have for the onight, do you have any words for our readers before we end this weeks ask a cat?

 I do. I have, reluctantly, been hearing about all the political stuff you humans talk about nonstop. I understand that you think it’s important, but just stop talking about politics and let me sleep in peace… at least for a day or two, please.




Thanks for reading this week’s A cat’s thoughts. If you have any questions for either of our question answering cats, please ask them in the comments and they might be answered next week.


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