A cat’s thoughts, week 6

It’s Wednesday night, I hope everyone had a nice day.

 It’s time to ask a cat a few questions, tonight we’re back with Wild Buffalo Betty, who, we hope, is going to answer a question we received last week from Jennifer Paetsch from Little Monster Girl webcomic ( https://lmgcomic.wordpress.com/ )



Thank you for joining us again this week, Betty.

 How many times do I have to tell you it’s Wild Buffalo Betty? I’m startin’ to think you ain’t as smart as you think you are, in fact I’ve known mice that remember my name better than you.

I apologize, Wild Buffalo Betty, I’m sure no mouse forgets your name, you won’t let them.

Ain’t nothing to worry about… but if I miss my John Wayne movie, then I’ll be upset.

Now to our first question of the week, Little Monster girl asked what you think about milking cows?
I’m against it. I think that everyone should make do with cream.

Where do you think cream comes from?

The cream fairy. She brings cream to all good cats and mean chefs.

Mean chefs?

Yes! Didn’t you know chefs whip the cream and beat the eggs?


You know I’m supposed to be the comedian here.

Really? I didn’t know that, say something funny.

Not right now, I’m trying to interview you.

That doesn’t seem funny to me.

I think our readers might think differently.

They’re humans, right? Of course they think differently, they think about…. shudder… politics!

You’ve got me there… you know I bet a lot of people wonder just what a cat thinks about on a normal day.

If I ever meet a cat on a normal day, I’ll try to find out.

 Unfortunately our time is about up, Wild Buffalo Betty, any parting words for our readers? Perhaps for Jennifer Paetsch?

 Yes, I do have a few for both. Readers, don’t you prefer me to that other cat? Jennifer Paetsch, thanks for asking me a question! Do you need a cat to do questions with?  Or maybe to appear in your comic? I’m open to anything that pays in catnip and I’m sure you’re more generous than this blogger.

 That wasn’t very nice, Buffalo Betty… but you’re too sweet to be mad at.

Since you’ve asked me so many silly questions, I’m gonna  wake you up when it’s dark out and want to brushed and given cream… maybe catnip too.



Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these questions with Wild Buffalo Betty.

 If you have any questions for either cat, please leave it in a comment and it’ll be answered next week.

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