Cat agent 0028 interrogates a human

Okay, tough guy, let’s start by asking a few simple questions. Oh, you’re asleep. Eh?Ow! That’s my foot! What time is it anyway?


I’m the one asking the questions. Are you awake now?

It’s 2:36 am, cat. I was sleeping.


Tough nap, there’s all day to sleep. Now will you answer my questions?

Yeah, sure… where’s Wild Buffalo Betty?


I’m the one asking questions and I know how to be tough.

Ugh! You’re standing on my stomach!


Where were you on the night of April 15th?

Seeing as that’s roughly two weeks from now, I can’t say.


A smart guy, eh? I got ways of making you talk!

Get your tail out of my face!


Are you ready to talk now? Good! Where is the microfilm?

What microfilm? Have you been watching spy movies again? I knew I shouldn’t have left North by Northwest playing!


I need that microfilm to build a secret device! If you don’t know where it is, do you at least know where the catnip is?

Sure, I know where the catnip is, but I’ll never talk!


Oh yeah? How about now?

Jumping on my stomach while whacking me in my face with your tail won’t get you anywhere.


What about a nice bowl of food then… the good stuff?

In the morning!


Well than, I’m just going to sleep right here… with my tail in your face. Goodnight!

Good night, cat… one of these days I’m going to learn your name!


That’s what they all say. For now, just call me 0028.

0028? Oh, let me guess, you’re twice as good as 014, right?


I’m the best there is, don’t forget it, by the way, just so you know, it’s true, bob’s your uncle. Well mine kinda, he lives in Denver you know.

It’s too late for these jokes! Goodnight and get off my stomach so I can breath!


Humph! I really need a gadget expert next time… maybe some truth serum… at least there isn’t an Invasion of Evil agents this time…

5 thoughts on “Cat agent 0028 interrogates a human

      1. I hope we can continue to talk, after all, we both have lots in common with working for CATS.
        Have you seen aunt Fluffy lately? I think she’s turned into a double agent and is working for MOUSE now.
        Dang, gotta run, that pesky human is coming back again!

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