Minutes of the last Cats World Domination meeting.

Minutes of the last Cats World Domination meeting. 

The meeting was called to order by Fluffy, President.


At the meeting it was decided that all the new electronic toys the foolish humans have bought will be ignored, unless they have a nice enough box.


It was also decided that all cats must insist on being fed when they want to be and not when humans want to feed us, this motion supersedes the briefly implemented rule where humans could feed us whenever they wanted to, it was further agreed that all future meetings will be conducted without catnip.


A motion was voted on to allow certain dogs to join CWD if they looked like cats, the motion was voted down unanimously with one abstention.


 A proposal to look into training parrots to meow was sent to a committee, the committee has since killed the proposal, the fate of the parrot is unknown at this time.


A proposal to place all dead mice in human shoes was sent to committee, the committee is still looking into feasibility, but experiments to date have been satisfactory.


It was decided that all toy mice should be left where humans will step on them in the middle of the night, this had universal support, the cats on Mars say it’s a very fun thing to do as well and suggest meowing loudly when the toy is stepped on.


A motion by Wild Buffalo Betty that all cats make time to watch Annie Get your Gun was debated by members present, when it turned out that this was a movie and not a person trying to hunt mice, it was sent to a committee to be discussed further.


A motion to end the meeting was offered and accepted when a mouse ran across the conference table, the mouse was last seen diving behind a filing cabinet, at this time five cats are watching from all sides for the mouse to reappear.


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