Jokes for April 27th

I’ve got a few jokes for you tonight, including an old favorite of mine, I hope you enjoy them, I doubt you could find any other jokes that beet them!



Why did the farmer plant root crops instead of wheat?

He wanted to say he beet this neighbor farm with his crop.


Why did the farmer turned boxer insist on only using a certain root crop to dye his gloves?

Because it was one way he could beet his opponent.


What did the farmer tell the getaway driver after he had robbed a bank?

Let’s beet it!


What did the farmer yell at the trespasser?

Beet it!


A city slicker was visiting a farm, he asked the farmer how things were growing,the farmer said everything was. Coming up roses. The city slicker congratulation end the farm, to which the farmer said “Thing is, I planted beets.”




Thanks for reading!


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