Cooking with Wild Buffalo Betty 

Howdy y’all, it’s Wild Buffalo Betty here. I was just mindin’ my own business, napping, when Colin came up an’ asked if’en I couldn’t take a few minutes and tell y’all that he’s too busy to ask me questions tonight, he’s hopin’ to ask me a few questions on Friday night.

 So now y’all know what’s going on, this ain’t takin’ too much room, so I’ll just keep going and give you a few o’ my good cookin’ tips.


After a long day ropin’ on the range, you’ll want something quick to eat, but you’ll want it to taste good too. I’ll help y’all out.

 First off, ground meat is tender, so take a good pound meet, I like Buffalo myself, but beef is good too. Mix in a good cup or two o’ catnip and enjoy.

 Oh yes, that’s right, you humans like your food cooked, so go ahead, make patties, or fry it, whatever you prefer, just make sure there’s enough catnip.


I hope you enjoy your meal!


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