A cat’s thoughts, week seventeen 

As promised. I’m here with Wild Buffalo Betty, she’s ready to answer a few questions tonight… I hope.


Thanks for agreeing to be part of my blog posts this week, Betty!

Sure thing, though I would appreciate it if you would use my full name sometimes.


Okay, Wild Buffalo Betty, what do you think about politics?

Politics who?

You couldn’t get that right last night,Mobutu tonight you can?

 I do my best, sometimes I just don’t have the answers.


Moving on, who do you think will win the French election this weekend?

I can’t say, but I think one of the candidates is toast.

Are you trying to be funny again, Betty?

Yup, I sure am, partner.


We only have the time for two more questions tonight. Did you enjoy the jokes last night, Wild Buffalo Betty?

 I sure did! I enjoy jokes! I love humor too, unfortunately you don’t have much on your blog.

 Hey! I have very little besides humor!

Oh really? Where are the mice on shoes? Where are the toys hidden in the doorways at night? The dry cat food placed carefully where you walk bare foot?

You can’t do that on a blog, Betty.

Oh… I didn’t realize it was censored.


Okay… last question… who do you think will win the Kentucky derby this year?

Ah, Kentucky… you know I used to have a home there once…

Really? I’m sure it was an old house.

Yup, it was my old Kentucky home… oh my old Kentucky home…

 Goodnight Betty.


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