Ask a cat, week twenty one 

Welcome back, I hope you’re ready for some odd cat ideas tonight… don’t tell any cat I wrote that.

 I managed to convince Wild Buffalo Betty to answer a few questions this week.


Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions this week, Wild Buffalo Betty.

 Hey! You got my name right for once!


I try, Betty, I try. Now what do you think of the weather?

 We cowcats don’t mind weather, we’re hardy and tough. We spend our days ropin’ cattle and our nights hunting mice.


What about bats? Do they drive you crazy?

 Yes… I guess you could say they drive me batty!


Wild Buffalo Betty… who is the comedian here? You or me?

 Me of course!


Thank you… hey! Wait a minute…

 Why a minute? Is your watch running?


You aren’t even as funny as I think I am, Betty.

 That may be, but I’m still funnier than you!


What is this? A roast?

 No… I don’t think so, I don’t see any roast around here… I do love a nice buffalo roast, though pork roasts are okay too.


Moving on…what do you think about the political climate?

 It’s heating up… if it keeps going this way, I’m afraid there won’t be any snow again, everyone will be shouting too much… now can I tell some jokes?


Not tonight, Wild Buffalo Betty, how about tomorrow night? You can do the joke post.

 Great! I’ll start getting ready… can’t I tell one joke tonight?


Oh… okay, go ahead Betty.

What’s furry, has claws and wants the catnip promised to her?

Correct! Isn’t that a good joke? Now what do you think you should do now?


Well I guess that’s all for tonight, tomorrow night Wild Buffalo Betty will have some jokes… I can’t wait to read them. Say good night, Betty.

 Oh no! I know that one! Good morning everyone! I’m off to sleep!


Thanks for reading!

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