Ask a cat, week twenty seven, part two

Thanks for joining me again tonight. Yes, this post was supposed to be made last night, however things changed. Anyway the catnip is hidden, Agent 028 is somewhere else, probably saving the world and Wild Buffalo Betty is here to answer a few questions as only she can.


Thank you for agreeing to come back and answer a few questions tonight, Betty.

 Sure thing, ah'm happy to oblige… there will be catnip when this is over, right?'


First question of the night1 Have you ever read Game of Thrones?

 No, ah'm not into bathroom humor.  What about the catnip?


Okay… next question… what is your favorite book?

 That's. Easy! To catch a mocking bird! I love that title!


Really? What else do you like about the book?

Ah'm not sure… it is a cookin' book, ain't it?


No, Betty… it's not a cook book, it's a book about… well I don't have the time or space to go into. It here.

 That's okay, Colin. Ah still like the title.


I'm sure many people are wondering how your mouse ranch is going.

It's goin' fine! Ah just installed carpet! Mouse to mouse carpet!


When did you buy a car?



You said you got a car as a pet.

Carpet… car pet…. yee gads! Are you trying to be funny? Ah'm out of here!


Wait, Wild Buffalo Betty! Don't you want catnip?

 Dang it! Ah do want catnip… but ah ain't answering any more o' your questions!


I guess that's it for tonight. I want to thank Wild Buffalo Betty for answering those questions tonight.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading!


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