Ask a human, week five

Hi. Y’all, Wild Buffalo Betty here! Ah’m back to ask Colin a few more questions this week, hope y’all enjoy!


Hi ya Colin, ready to answer a few questions?

 If I have to… you aren’t going to do this game show style again, are you?


Not this week, maybe next week. Instead I’ll just ask you a few random questions, you give me some random answers and we’ll hope that they match up, okay?

 Sounds good, Betty!


When did the war of 1812 happen?

 When the first man landed on the moon.


How many mice do Ah have in my mouse ranch?

Less than fifteen thousand!


How many times do Ah ask for someone to rub my belly in one afternoon?

4,025 canidates  and 2,335 confirmed I believe.


How soon until Ah get catnip?

 365 days! And a half!


That’s too long! Try again!

Sixty seconds?


Sounds good! You go get it out and Ah’ll finish up here!

 You fooled me again, Wild Buffalo Betty!  Oh well, next time I’ll be wise to your tricks! Now give everyone reading a nice send off while I dig it out.


Thanks for reading this, y’all! Ah’m glad you could see just how easy it is for me to git catnip… Ah wonder if Colin would consider doing this every day?


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