Apology from Wild Buffalo Betty

Ah'd like to offer an apology for the lack o' an Ask the Cat post this week, it's not my fault, it's Agent 028, he wanted to do somethin' of this here ipad, said he knew what he was doin'… Colin wasn't around and ah thought it would be okay.
Ah thought he wanted to go lookin' at cat food or fancy catnip. Ah'm not sure what he did, but he was on some site that read top secret, ah'm not sure what is so secret about a top, a've seen plenty o' them.
After Agent 028 saw me glancing over his tail, he quickly exited it and said he was going to 'delete the browsing history'. Well, that ain't what happened, he deleted last night's post instead.
Once again, ah'm sorry about the lack o' that post, it was a great one too.

This is Wild Buffalo Betty sayin' move 'em up an move 'em out!


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