Ask a cat, week twenty eight

As last weeks post was… lost, I'm reusing the number, tonight I'm here with Agent 028, let's see if he knows what happened to last week's post.

Agent 028, thank you for joining me tonight!
Uh… sure… you're welcome. I don't have long, I've got to… um… go do something soon.

Really? I guess you won't have time for catnip after these few questions then.
Well… I might be able to make a few moments.

We'd better get busy. Do you know what happened to last week's Ask a Cat post?
It was reblogged a thousand times? It won a prize?

It vanished, Agent 028… do you know how that happened?
Russian hackers?

Try again.
Siamese hackers? Parrot crackers?

I don't think so, Agent 028, I think the culprit was closer than that… maybe even in this room.
It was that dog that snuck in! I got rid of him, but he was here unguarded for over a minute! I bet he did it!

There was a aw print on my screen and it was a cat's paw.
Wild Buffalo Betty! I bet she did it while chasing a mouse!

Nah, she's too sweet, I'm sure she wouldn't have done it. Wat were you doing when the post was lost?
Me? Me? Let me think… oh es, I was chasing a cat, it was a cat employed by my arch foe, F.E.R.A.L

Just what does that stand for?
F.E.R.A.L. It stands for Felines Engaged in Revolutionary Actions Live..

I think we'd better move on. What do you think of the weather lately?
I've enjoyed it, it's my favorite kind of weather right now… oh, look at the time, I've got to run!

Agent 028! What about your catnip?

Well he's gone, so it's up to me to end this post.
Thanks for reading and I hope that I'll have a few better questions net week.


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