Ask a human, week six

Agent 028 here, unfortunately I seem to have been roped into another of these ask a human posts, I don't know how he does it, but Colin keeps convincing to to help him out on his blog… I guess it must be because everyone likes my style. Here's Colin!

Thanks for joining us, Colin.
Thanks for having me, Agent 028, I'm happy to be here!

You're a few minutes late tonight, I guess your arms must be tired!
Wha… oh no… not more of your humor!

Yup, because you flew in tonight!
Oh gee… I've got to run, I'm allergic to jokes tonight.

Then you'd better make like a tree and bark!
I think you mixed up a few jokes there, Agent 028. It's make like a tree and leave.

No! Trees have bark, so you should bark!
Okay… arf arf… satisfied?

Not really, but such is the life of a secret… er… cat. Now I'm not saying the town I used to live in was small, but if you took a step, you'd be in the next county!
Really? So what's your question for me?

Oh, right… questions… how many cans of cat food can a human open in an hour?
I'm not sure, but probably not enough to satisfy you if you don't like what's inside them.

Did you hear what happened when the glue plant had an accident?
No, what happened?

The manager tried to keep everyone's lips shut!
Bah dah bing!

So Colin, do you know where Wild Buffalo Betty is going on her vacation?
I didn't even know she was going on vacation! Where is she going?

Oh don't worry, I'll ask her myself.

Very funny. Did you hear about the trouble with certain types of seafood?
No, what happened?

I'm not quite sure, but I've heard no one is talking about it, they have all clammed up.
Now that's worthy of a groan! I thought I was supposed to get questions to answer?

Shut up, I'm on a roll! Did you hear about the baker who moved next to an old dairy? I know this is going to sound cheesy, but the dairy maid buttered him up!
Uh… Agent 028?

Not now! Can't you hear I'm dong great?
I think this post is long enough, you'll have to come back another time if you want to tell more jokes.

Right! I see by the clock that it's time to end this post, no post will ever drag on too long, not on my watch! Ha! Got in another one!
Seriously folks, thanks for reading, Colin will be back again with new posts in a day or so… good, his back is turned! I'll be back tomorrow with more jokes!


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