Ask a cat, week twenty nine

It's time for another ask the Cat post! Joining me tonight is that sweetheart of cats, Wild Buffalo Betty! Thanks for joining me tonight, Betty!
You're welcome, Colin, Ah hope you brought plenty of catnip!"

Plenty for most cats, however you really enjoy it, so we'll have to wait and see.
Do we have to wait very long?

You have to wait until this post is finished, Betty, don't get impatient.
Thanks for the questions, Colin! Ah enjoyed this post! Goodnight everyone!

Not so fast, Wild Buffalo Betty! You haven't answered any questions yet!
Are you sure? Ah think Ah must have!

I'm sure, Betty, I keep track. For your first question: do you prefer catnip or mice?
Ah like mah mice made of catnip. Ah like either of them separate sure, but combine them and its even better!

Good choice, I'm sure most people reading this post would agree that catnip mice are easier to deal with. Are catnip mice what you have on your mouse ranch?
Oh no! Ah have all sorts of mice on my ranch! Ah raise racing mice mostly.

Racing mice?
Sure! Ah hate the easy to catch ones, so Ah raise ones that are faster and harder to catch.

Is that why you and Agent 028 spend o much time hunting under cabinets?
A'yup! These mice here ain't ordinary mice, these are champions!

Okay… I don't know about the readers, but I've had enough mouse talk tonight. Moving on, I'm sure many people are wondering just how many naps you take in a day.
All of them, Colin, all of them.

Great answer, Betty! Great answer!
Why, what other kind of answer is there? Ain't ah a pretty kitty?

Yes you are Betty. Now what do you think about the political situation?
Ah think Ah might have to issue stronger sanctions if'en you don't tell me this post is about finished.

Just what kind of sanctions?
Right now, ah'm easy going, Ah'll just keep your feet hot tonight, if Ah issue stronger sanctions, Ah'll add a few claws at the moment you doze off.

Well there you have it, folks! Wild Buffalo Betty has answered all my questions tonight! Any parting words for our readers, Betty?
Yes… in those immortal words, give me catnip or scratch mah ear! Ah'm sure ah'll be back in a few posts, hopefully ah'll be answering better questions!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you'd like to have asked to a cat, just leave them in the comments,


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