Sit right back…

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tail, a tail of a fitful nap.

It started from this sunny chair, aboard this comfy lap.

The cat was a mighty sleeping cat,

The cat was brave and sure,

The cat dozed off that day,

For a three hour nap,

A three hour nap…

Well the weather started getting cloudy,

The comfy lap was lost,

If not for the courage of the sleeping cat,

The nap would have been lost..

The nap would have been lost…

The cat dozed off again on the couch,

With dreams of mice and toys.

With catnip,

Lots of food,

An itchy ear,

And a twitching tail,

All there on the couch.

So this is the tail of our sleeping cat,

He’s here for a long, long time,

He’ll make the best of naps,

It’s a cat nap.

No phone, no lights, no car horns,

It’s peaceful and serene,

Like Rip van Wrinkle, it’s as sleepy as can be.

So join me here each day, Wild Buffalo Betty,

You’ll be sure to get a nap,

With Agent 028, asleep on the couch.


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