Jokes for April 6th

It’s Thursday night again, but much more importantly is the fact that it’s the first week of baseball season! Enjoy these baseball jokes.




Why was the golfer banned from being a ball boy?

Because he kept getting a hole in one.


Why did the chef quit the team?

He couldn’t cut the mustard.


Why did the baseball team sign a knitter?

They needed a more good mitts.


Why did the baseball manager hire the lemonade as a scout?

Because it had found a good pitcher.


Was the vampire hunter bet concerned about the baseball season opener?

Of course, he had quite a stake in it.


Why did the frog watch the baseball game?

He had always dreamed of being a catcher.




I hope you enjoyed these jokes. Thanks for reading!


Baseball jokes for April 6th

Baseball season started this week, so I thought I’d present you with a few baseball jokes tonight. I hope you enjoy them!




How did the rookie become the fans favorite player on the team?

He was a hit.


Did the baseball player enjoy his career?

He had a ball.


How important was the home opener?

It was key.


Why do baseball pitchers make excellent bowlers?

Because they know how to throw strikes.


Why was the baseball team of vampires the best in the league? 

Because they suck the life out of other team!


Why was a strangler the best player playing against vampires? 

Because he choked up on the bats!


Why was a zombie baseball team always the worst of league? 

Because they’re always looking for new brains.




 I hope these jokes gave you a chuckle.

Thanks for reading, now play ball!