A quick joke

Why did the chef attack the he giant block of chocolate with a flamethrowew?
He wanted some hot chocolate.


February begins… a bit chilly 

February began today, it began normally enough, save for being a bit chilly. El Niño has brought plenty of cold weather this winter, it makes you wonder what the rest of the year will be like.


 With the cold weather, it’s a great time to sit back and drink plenty of hot chocolate, just make sure that you have plenty of marshmallows. 

 Hot chocolate chip cookies are something else that you can’t have enough of on these cold February days, consider making them double chocolate by adding some cocoa powder to them, just reduce the flour slightly.


 These cold days are perfect to sit back and plan out everything you want to get done this year, it’s also a good time to plan what you might want to grow in your garden, hot peppers and tomatoes need to be selected this month if you’re growing them from seed.


 I hope you can enjoy your week and stay warm.

Thanks for reading!

The end… Of September 

The end is nigh, the end of September that is. This has been a month of transitioning from summer to fall, however nature didn’t remember and the month was more summer like than fall like.

 Which means that this next month will likely see a sudden cool down with rain turning to snow that will leave sidewalks dangerous to navigate, such is the change of seasons.

  A few things never change however, such as how delicious chocolate chip cookies are, how relaxing a nice cold glass of lemonade of a warm day is and how fun comic books can be to read.

 Can you ever read a comic book just once? Yes, depending on if you like it or not and how many more you have to read.

Comic books are like pieces of candy, you can’t just have one, you keep wanting just a bit more, just one more taste of the excitement that comes with each one. Some are sweet, some are so sour that they turn your stomach, yet you keep coming back just to see if it was really so bad.

 Alas, with the coming of fall and winter, the opportunities  to relax and enjoy the weather while either eating ice cream or chocolate chip cookies while reading a comic book will be limited, take advantage of the few opportunities  that you have, for soon there will be no more until spring.

  Enjoy these last few days of nice weather while you can, but always keep in mind that once the weather turns cold, there will be plenty of hot chocolate to drown your sorrows in.

Thanks for reading!

Fairwell August, until we meet again next year…

August is all but over, which is why I’m forced to say that the penultimate month of summer has come to an end.

 August was an odd month this year, a month of extremes, hot highs that caused droughts and cool lows that have prompted warnings that fall and winter are coming early this year.

 One thing that August didn’t have was much moisture, it’s been a dry month all my over. Some rain would have been appreciated, instead there were a few clouds and plenty of haze from wildfires.

 The best part of this past month, in my opinion, had to be ice cream, although how can you go wrong with ice cream? At least if the flavor a are those you enjoy.

 However we are now moving, slowly but surely, into hot chocolate season, so make sure you get your fill of ice cream before it’s too late!

 Comic books are also an item that goes hand in hand with summer, don’t you think? While they are great all year long, there is something about comic books in the summer that makes them twice as pleasant.

One thing that the forthcoming Fall has going for it is the rash of fools politicians trying to inflate hot air balloons debating their positions on policies that have so many hidden items that they say and do something entirely different are confusing even to the people who wrote them. The coming political season (which at current count will be 14+ months long) has the added bonus of helping to offset a possible cold winter.

 However politics are not what I wanted to talk about tonight, I really wanted to discuss the sweet tanginess of lemonade.

Lemonade is another one of those things normally considered a summer treat, even though there isn’t any law against drinking it all year long, it is something most of us wait all winter to taste again the sweet, tangy, tart goodness of lemonade is one taste that nothing can quite compare with, especially on a hot summer day with the sun beating down on you.

 So as summer winds down, kick back and enjoy those last glasses of lemonade and the last bowls of ice cream, it’ll be months before you can begin to enjoy them again.

 What is your favorite part of summer that you’ll miss during the winter?

 Thanks for reading.

Marching right along

Marching right along we have exited February and entered March, with any luck we’ve left the bitter cold behind as well.

With any luck, we’ve also left behind the crazy discussionsthat have gained national notoriety,  such as What color a dress is and all political conversations, however I’m sure that’s too much to wish for.

That’s not to say we can’t still drink hot chocolate, or tea if you prefer, we’ve got at least another month to enjoy out favorite winter drinks. As time is running out, we should think about trying the odd variation that we’ve been putting off trying, be it white chocolate hot chocolate, or whatever else you might be half thinking about.

 It’s also a good time to sit back and read a comic book that you’ve thought about reading but have been putting off, be it a superhero or some odd take on real life, take a chance on it, you might not enjoy it, but at least you can proudly say you read it.

Feel like you need something different to munch on while you are reading your comic book? Try something simple like an oatmeal cookie, or a fig filled cookie, the main thing is to try something new.

What do you think? Are there any comic books that should just be ignored? Is there a certain cookie that is under appreciated? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

Cold February

With how cold and snowy this February had been for many of us, I doubt that many people are sorry to see it come to an end. Unfortunately there is still most of a week left to it, a week that seems certain to see even more snow and cold weather for many areas.

The only good thing about the cold this month is the many opportunities to drink hot chocolate and eat hot chocolate chip cookies, other hot drinks can be drank as well, as long as they are hot enough. A good rule of thumb is if your drink burns your mouth it’s almost warm enough.

A chocolate chip cookie is a delicate thing, while a simple think by most estimates, it is also a complicated thing as well, use too little flour and you get a very flat a crisp cookie, quite unlike the fluffy, gooey melt in you mouth goodness that you want in a cookie. Even the brown sugar you use can change the texture of your cookies.

It is alway at the end of the month that we should try to read the last issues of our favorite defunct comic series, after a month like this one had been, we all need to relax and enjoy a good comic book.
As we prepare to say fair well to February, it’s a good time to say fair well once more to those comic characters whose series have ended.

Thanks for reading.

Unsettling February

Or should it be unsettled February? It depends on how you look at it. With the weather being as it has been this month, either works.
With winter hitting again and hitting hard, it’s time to double our hot chocolate intake and read an extra comic book or five, after all we need something to pass the time until the weather warms again.

What comic books should one read this week? Anything that has action and takes place somewhere warm, be it a beach, a tropical isle or even a Peruvian mountain top, just so that you can immerse yourself in it and forget the cold snow and ice for a while.

Another suggestion is to have a nice hot chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven in addition to your hot chocolate. Add a cat that had had catnip and you’re set for hours, or days days if your cat gets his way.

With most of a week left ahead of us, all we can hope is that the weather warms up a bit, even if it doesn’t, just remember that spring is coming, it might take another two months to arrive, but it’s on it’s way.

Thanks for reading, stay warm this week.

How to ruin any food: Beverages: Hot Chocolate

Tonight a tragic event will occur, I’m going to ruin Hot Chocolate. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know how much I enjoy hot chocolate, I talk about it nearly every week. Tonight I’m going to ruin it. I humbly apologize to everyone who loves a nice cup of hot chocolate.

As always, just a quick note about this post before we begin:


 The rest of this post in intended to be humorous and not to be taken as new culinary treats about to sweep the nation. Any attempt to ingest the substances described below is not suggested and should be avoided. If you do attempt to taste any of the following food related ideas, please be warned that disgust, nausea and possibly even death could be the result.



Hot chocolate has been around for a long time, centuries in fact. The first chocolate drink was made by the Mayans, though it wasn’t until the Aztecs had been conquered by the Spaniards that a drink similar to what we know today began to take form.

The Mayans drank a chocolate drink made from cacao beans, chili peppers and wine. This drink lasted through the time of the Aztecs.

The Spanish added sugar to the drink, but milk seems to have been added by the English some time during the 1700s, thus bringing to us today the drink we know as hot chocolate.

What it is:

Hot chocolate is basically any chocolaty drink with milk and sugar served hot, however some people insist that there is a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa, depending on whether its made from cocoa powder or melted chocolate.

Whipped cream or marshmallows are commonly added on top of hot chocolate, though some people may prefer a dusting of cinnamon.

How to ruin it:

Ruining hot chocolate isn’t the easiest thing to do, however I’m going to do my best.

Regardless of whether you’re melting chocolate or using cocoa powder, the chocolate part can’t really be changed significantly.

The milk can be changed, however. The simplest way to change it is to use soured milk, which can be made with a bit of lemon juice or vinegar. To ruin hot chocolate, you’ll want the sourest milk possible.

Next consider what else can be added to the hot chocolate without being seen, perhaps a bit of root beer with the milk, another possibility would be soy sauce as it won’t be too visible, there are many other options as well.

Another way to ruin hot chocolate would be to make it closer to what the Aztecs drank; no milk or sugar, just chocolate and water with some hot sauce. If you want to spice it up a notch, puree a ghost pepper and add it.

The topping is by far the easiest place to ruin a cup of hot chocolate, no matter how you like to top it.

If you enjoy a sprinkling of cinnamon on top, substitute curry powder or cumin.

If you like whipped cream, use sour cream instead.

If you enjoy marshmallows on top, first moisten the marshmallows and roll them in powdered horseradish.

Now if you have a cup of hot chocolate ready, marshmallows all ready melting and suddenly decide that you need to ruin it, don’t worry, I’ve got a way for you to ruin it:

Pour a small amount of vinegar over the top and stir slightly, you’ll want to add enough vinegar so you think you’re eating a salt and vinegar potato chip.


Now we have ruined hot chocolate. Never again will anyone look at a nice cup of hot chocolate without wondering if someone has ruined it.

Thanks for reading.

Join me again next Saturday when I’ll be ruining another food.


February beginning

February is the month most like a comic book, it begins like any month, just as all super heroes begin like normal people, only the seasons begin to change, just like all super heroes discovers their powers, then there’s Valentine’s Day, which qualifies as the romance angle nearly all comic book heroes encounters, finally the month ends early, days missing at the end, which is how many comic books suddenly get cancelled before their time.

So now that I’ve explained how a month can be like a super hero, let’s talk about hot chocolate… What else would I talk about here?
By now, some people begin to get tired of normal hot chocolate, though I’m not sure why. There are many things that you can do to perk up a cup of hot chocolate.
Try whipped cream instead of marshmallows, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Instead of a marshmallows, try a light dusting of cinnamon on top.
If you really want something different, try a cup of hot white chocolate. It might not be real chocolate, but it sounds good and there are a number of recipes to be found with a simple search.

Tonight I’m asking you what comic books you think would be the best to read this week. Any thoughts?
Thanks for reading.

Fading January

We’re down to the last, fading, days of January. While the days are getting longer, we still have a long way to go until Spring arrives.
This also seems to be the part of Winter that tries to make us think that the worst is over and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on, but we know better, we know that while the weather might be nicer, at least for many of us, this week, there is another heavy snowstorm lurking somewhere out there, just waiting for us to let our guard down, just like how many comic books end, the supposed vanquished super villain lurks nearby while the heroes celebrate their victory.
Thus we must remain on guard, hot chocolate ever ready, a nice warm cupcake about to be frosted and a cat waiting for a lpa, these are our weapons against winter, weapons everyone loves to use.
What comic book should you have ready, you might be asking right now, it’s an interesting question to ponder. My only suggestion to you this week is to read an old favorite or three, they will take less time to read, plus you can spend a bit more time petting the cat that will be watching you, waiting for something fun to happen or food to magically appear in front of them.
Cats don’t seem to mind if you read comic books quite as much as regular books, but I believe they’d enjoy them much more if there would be a cat as a hero. I’ve been trying to think of any comic book that has a cat as a main character that doesn’t end up looking either like a fool or fighting a mouse that is depicted as the hero.
Can you think of one? I’d be interested to hear about it.
Thanks for reading.