A few questions…

As I prepare to put up new posts, I find myself wondering just what kind of posts people want now.

  1. Humorous post
  2. Insightful posts
  3. Posts about politics
  4. Posts about cats
  5. Posts about plants
  6. Periodic reposts of old posts
    1. Let me know in the comments below.

      Thank you in advance.


      Another Monday gone

      Another Monday is all but gone, which is normally a nice thing.

      Mondays are nothing more than another day, but sometimes they can feel like several odd days jammed into one. Other times, a Monday can seem like a normal day, yet you wait for something odd to happen.


       We’re getting close to lemonade season,  which is always a good thing. Is there anything better than a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot day? I don’t think so.

       However the plain old lemonade that everyone enjoys seems to being modified into something new with the addition of other fruits and herbs, such as blackberries or mint. I’m not quite sold on the ideas that I’ve seen, however I’m willing to keep an open mind and I intend to try a few of these additions.


       I’m afraid that I didn’t do a very good job blogging last week, I hope to change that this week.


      Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

      Another Monday in April

      It’s been another Monday in April, nothing more, nothing less.

       Mondays can be… odd, to say the least. No matter what you have planned, it almost never works out.

       April is almost as bad in itself, you can never be certain what any day is going to bring. It’s a month of changes as it sits smack dab between winter and spring, which means you can have warm weather one day and snow the next.

       However not everything is bad about Mondays in April, they often go by very quickly, plus there are aa limited number of them every year.


       I’ve been neglecting my blog this month I realized, I haven’t gotten as many posts in as I should have, which is something I’m hoping to rectify starting this week.

        Keep your eyes open for a few special posts over the next few days.


      I hope that this week goes smoothly for everyone. Thanks for reading!

      I’m back, more or less…

      I’m back blogging, more or less. I had planned on starting to blog again at the beginning of this week, but oh well.

       I’m sorry I was away for so long, but it was for the best, I needed some time to get my they things done.

       Thanks for understanding my absence for the past few weeks, I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming posts.

      No posts for a while

      I’m taking another short break from my blog, I’m hoping to start blogging again in the beginning of March.

        It’s hard for me to take a break from blogging, I hate to disappoint my loyal followers, but sometimes I need a bit of a break.

      Thanks for understandind. I’ll be back soon!

      Nearing the holidays 

      This week officially kicks off the holiday season for most people. In less than two weeks is New Year’s Eve and day, which means everyone had an excuse to celebrate something.

       I’m planning on limiting my blog posts over the next two weeks or so. I apologize for not knowing just how often I’ll be posting, but no matter what I’ll be back to normal after New Years.

      I do suggest using these holidays as an excuse to drink vast quantities of hot chocolate, eat as many cookies as you can and just enjoy yourself. These holidays come but once a year, no to mention the next holiday that you get a day off for is month away, plus that one doesn’t offer special cookies.

      I want to take a moment and thank everyone who follows my blog, it’s due to the likes I receive that keeps me blogging.

       Thanks for reading.

      Beginning next week…

      Begining next week I have several interesting posts planned:

       Besides the normal posts, I’m planning to review games that have gotten into the holiday spirit with their latest updates.
      If you know of any games that should be considered, please let me know in the comments below.

      Jokes are a bit harder to come up with right now, however that has never stopped me before and it won’t going forward.

      I also have a few interesting quote posts on the drawing board, however they might not be ready until later in the month.

       I’m also asking for ideas for other future posts, I’ll consider all requests and give credit where it’s due.

       One annoyance that has returned is the odd formatting errors in the WordPress app, I think I’ve managed to catch most of them and work past them, however some format errors may sneak past. If so I apologize and will do my best to correct them as I become aware of them.

       Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

      November end

      Tonight is the end of November. While not normally a very exciting me nth, this month saw a wide range of temperatures, not to mention all of the sales that are still going on for Christmas shopping.
       After taking most of last week off from blogging, I hope that I can get back to blogging this week, but I’ll admit that it is hard to get many funny thoughts right now.
       While not normally thought about during December, comic books can be a great way to relax, which is something everyone needs during these hectic weeks.

       You’ll want something funny, not superhero comics, unless you find superheroes funny. There are many winter related comics that have been written ver the years, take a few minutes to explore your options.
       Cookies are something of a must during December, which makes it one of the best months to enjoy cookies, not to mention hot chocolate, so take a few days and enjoy!
       That’s about all for tonight, I’m just going to gradually get back into blogging this week. Thanks for reading.