February… warmth?

February warmth? This year it is, oddly enough. The weather is strange again this year, however I haven’t heard any complaints yet.

 While the weather has been odd again this year, it’s hard to say what is going to happen tomorrow… even the weather forecasters seldom agree on what tomorrow will bring.


 With the warmer weather, it is unfortunately too warm for hot chocolate right now, but this will change soon, undoubtedly. In the mean time we can still enjoy chocolate chip cookies.


 Another thing we can still enjoy are comic books, no matter what the weather, comic books are always fun, though it is advisable to read them somewhere dry, they tend to get soggy in the rain.


 I’m sorry this post is a bit short. I may skip a few posts over the next few weeks, it depends on several factors, but I am going try to keep posting on the normal nights.

 Thanks for reading!


January ending

We come to the last week of January, it’s been a month of odd weather, odd events and never ending politics, in other words, it’s been a normal month.

 With January coming to an end, we can easily see several things that make the coming months easier to get through, namely baseball spring training late next month.


 Many people are eager for the super bowl in roughly two weeks, be it for the sport itself or the commercials that will be shown, it’s an event many people live for.


 With the heavy snowfall on the east coast, I can only hope that everyone has plenty of hot chocolate to drink… and warm chocolate chip cookies to eat of course.


Is there anything better than a cup of hot chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie and a comic book to read on a snowy day without a care in the world?


 What comic books are the best for this time of year? While I’d suggest something action packed, some of you reading this might prefer some of the new style comics that have appeared over the past few years, I’m not refers to cartoon comics, those are time tested classics, instead I refer to any of the new comics such as the many that focus on zombies, or are drawn manga style, or any of the numerous other ones that I might not have come across yet. These are diferant from what many think of comics as, but they can still be worth reading if they appeal to you. Read what you enjoy.


I know this post is a bit different from normal, but I’m trying a few new things this year. Feel free to let me knock w what you thing.

Thanks for reading!

Strange November…

It’s been a strange November, there have been the death of an old time tv special effect inventor, and a car customizer. All we can hope you s that the rest of the year will have fewer old time celebrities dying.

 The weather is begining to turn colder, now it is safe to say late fall is here. All we have left to wait for is the snow to start falling. Bets are being taken on when the big snow will hit.

 What do we have to look forward to this month? Cold air, some snow and the Thanksgiving day parade, besides good food of course.

 Food is important during the winter months, it is something that can allow us to relax and ignore the cold weather until spring hits.

 Is it a surprise that some of the most popular holidays occur in the winter? I think not, I believe that it is due to the fact that nearly all holidays are, at least to a point, centered around food.

 Yet we do not live by food alone, we need entertainment, such as comic books. There are many comic books to choose from, during the late fall early winter, I suggest reading something fast paced and exciting, the sky is the limit, enjoy exploring them and maybe you’ll find a new favorite or three.

This week I urge you to go out and have fun, this may be one of the last weeks to do certain things before winter hits.

Thanks for reading!

October: frighteningly warm

During this oddly warm October, find ourselves faced with the dilemma of too long of a lemonade season. Yes, I know that doesn’t seem possible, but the fact remains that with warmer than normal temperatures, hot chocolate season is being pushed back.

 Another thing that is happening is that we are being faced with a heavier than normal snowfall when it does hit, the possibility is also there that we might not get a warm up after the first snow like we normally do.

 However scary those possibilities are, we are lucky enough to live in a time where we can stock up on the necessary goods to get through a tough winter, goods such as hot chocolate mix, comic books and  everything you need to make months worth of cookies.

 Now we must plan, we must ask ourselves the tough questions: what comic books am I going to want to read in the middle of winter? Or: what size marshmallows do I want? Even: do I want to make double chocolate chip cookies in February?

 While I can’t answer these questions for you, I can offer suggestions:

 As to comic books, get as many as you can! A few of every keep me possible.

As to the size of marshmallows, get some of every size, you’ll use them, don’t worry about that. There are any number of things you can do with marshmallows besides hot chocolate.

 As to cookies, I of course! You can never have enough chocolate in cookies.

 What are your thoughts on these subjects?

Thanks for reading!

October: the scariest month of the year

It’s October, the scariest moment nth the do the year. Why are s it scary you may ask. Is it because of Halloween? Is it because of fall below nag in full swing and winter waiting to strike?

 No, it’s scary because this week s the only month of the year when you can easily find candy corn and melocreme pumpkins, after this month nth is over they vanish like ghosts, dooming you to wait nearly a full year before they return.

 Another thing that can be spooky I s comic books, while not as prevalent as super heroes comics, the ghost and spooky genre was once popular. These comic books are great to read right now, it may take some looking to find them, but it’s well worth the effort. From ghosts to demons, from witches to unexplained happenings, these old comic books are sure to entertain you.

 What else is there besides comic books and candy to do this month? If you’re lucky you can get in a last bowl of ice cream, or at least a glass of lemonade.

 Hot chocolate chip cookies are in season right now, try to make sure you wait long enough after taking them out before devouring them, with the holidays approaching you need to be safe.

 While there are many more things you may want to do during this horrifying month, I’m afraid this post has reached….

The end!

Thanks for reading.

September fades away

September is beginning to draw to a close, which means October will soon be upon us. The time for lemonade is nearly over and the time for apple cider is drawing near.
 The time for accidentally publishing blog posts are also upon us, sorry about that.

 While the month is slowly coming to an end and Fall begins on Wednesday, the temperatures are still staying summer like for the moment.

Luckily while the weather remains warm, we can all enjoy lemonade and ice cream for a while longer.

 One thing we can enjoy right now is ice cream with fruit, such as peaches and vanilla ice cream. However if you just want to cover your ice cream with chocolate syrup go for it!

 This is also a good time to get ready to entertain your cat for the next several months after winter has set in. I suggest laying in a supply of catnip and treats, a few toys wouldn’t hurt either.

 Comic books are still worth reading right now, I suggest reading something light hearted right now,  you can never read enough lighthearted comic books. Comic books are not only good relaxation, but they can kill a few minutes when you’re waiting for something.

 Keep enjoying good food, good lemonade and reading good comic books.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week.

I’m back!

I’m back after a week break from blogging. It was nice to take some time away from my blog and ignore stats and likes for a few days. Now that I’ve had a week off, I’m hoping that I can be funnier than I was recently.

 As it has been two weeks since I last wrote about the weather, ice cream and comic books, it would seem that I have a lot to talk about tonight, doesn’t it?

 First I’d like to remind everyone that even though Labor Day has come and gone, ice cream is still in season for a while longer, so don’t forget to try the following flavors before its time to move on to hot chocolate:

  • Vanilla 
  • Chocolate 
  • Mint chocolate chip 
  • Neapolitan 

In the same vain, lemonade is still in season too, while it doesn’t have to be as warm to really enjoy lemonade, it is always best on the warmest days around:

  • Plain lemon
  • Strawberry-lemonade 
  • Cranberry lemonade 

These three are all worth sampling at least once before summer is truly over.

The weather has still been summer like for most of us, but a hint of Fall is in the air, warning us to enjoy these days while we can, for all too soon Winter will join forces with Fall and together they will cause the trees to paint their leaves before they fall to the ground just in time for the first snow storm, and dreams of crisp leaves crunching underfoot will be over for another year.

 It’s always comic book weather though, which is one thing that you can look forward to no matter what the weather and s like, hot or cold, comic books are always there to be read, a guaranteed escape from the events of the world, at least if you pick the right ones.

 Lastly, chocolate chip cookies are about to be in their prime season, while they are harvested from ovens the world over all year lm g, it isn’t until Fall when they are at their peak, like an apple, chocolate chip cookies vary in shape and size, but unlike apples and all fruits, a chocolate chip cookie is always tasty.

 Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding my need last week for a break.

August-y days

Now that August is over halfway through, the weather is beginning to act up, winds are picking up and odd cold fronts are moving around, bring many of us an early preview of Fall.

 To combat the wind and suddenly cooler weather, which will only stay around a day or two, we can begin preparing ourselves for Fall and Winter.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure all of your old comics are still in good shape, look for rusting staples, bent pages and any other major damage. Some of this damage can be repaired, a bent page can be straightened, staples replaced, but for those beloved old comics that have seen better days, those comics you have read over and over, always knowing what was about to happen but secretly wishing that just this once you had somehow woken up in an alternate universe where your favorite hero didn’t die in issue #27 only to be brought back in issue #32 in the oddest way that made no sense save the hero (or sidekick as the case may be) was the only one who could defeat the evil arch villain in issues #49 before going on to his (or her) own short lived spinoff comics c book, those comic books are better off being replaced, or rather having a second copy around so you can read it whenever you want to during the winter.

 The next thing you should do is make a rough plan for how many cups of hot chocolate you plan on drinking this Winter, double the amount (you never drink just one mug a day, do you?) and then begin the arduous process of calculating how much of what you’ll need to make those cups of hot chocolate.

 Now that you have done that much work, grab a glass of lemonade and a handful of chocolate chip cookies, the latest issue of your favorite comic book and relax, remember, it’s not everyday I f the summer that chocolate chip cookies don’t melt when you look at them.

 Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Welcome to August 

Welcome to August, the month known for the many days of dogs of summer, or in other words it’s the dog days of summer. 

 Why are these days called the dog days of summer? Basically just because of how hot these summer days tend to be.

 Now on to the interesting stuff, where should we start? Cookies? Ice cream? Comic books? Lemonade? There is a lot to cover, so let’s get busy!

 Ice cold lemonade is always good during these hot summer days, the colder the better, not only will it cool you off, but if it’s cold enough it will stay cold for quite a while even on a hot day, a few ice cubes tossed in will keep it cold for a few extra minutes.

  Ice cream is another good thing to enjoy on a hot day, however it melts very quickly, so you must make sure you enjoy it quickly. If you don’t want to eat it quickly, I suggest only eating ice cream at the north or South Pole where it’s cold enough to keep it from melting. If you can’t afford to take a trek to eat your ice cream, you can always take a large bowl of ice and place your bowl of ice cream on top, this will lengthen the time your ice cream will remain frozen.

 Cookies of any type are good, used to top your ice cream they can only be made better, however I suggest chocolate chip cookies if only for the fact that you can add more chocolate chips without anyone being the wiser.

One thing you should be cautious of while you enjoy your ice cream, cats. Cats tend to enjoy ice cream a lot, mostly vanilla in my experience, however I don’t doubt that they enjoy other flavored as well, so don’t turn your back on your ice cream if your cat is anywhere near.

That brings us to comic books, those wonderful things that are very nice for summer reading. They can be carried easily, they are intriguing enough to hold your attention on a hot day while not requiring  too much thought to enjoy, which is about as perfect combination of everything you could want for summer reading.

 I hope you can find the time to read a comic book, enjoy some lemonade and eat even more ice cream this week.

 Thanks for reading!

End of July

Somehow It is already the end of July! That means summer is getting close to coming to an end.

 However we have enough of summer left to enjoy much more lemonade and ice cream. It is necessary that we all enjoy as much lemonade and ice cream as we can during these next few weeks or months, until the weather turns cold and we’re forced to turn our attentions to hot chocolate.

 Unless you have sufficient resources to travel from one hemisphere to the other for the sole reason to enjoy ice cream while the weather is hot, if that describes you, congratulations.

 As July is running down, you should consider reading some comic books that have ended, because when one thing comes to an end, others may as well follow suit.

 There are many similarities between comics and months: a comic book series can come to an end until it is started up again, or rebooted as the current term goes. Months, such as July, come to an end, however a mere year later it starts over again.

 Lemonade is one thing we should all try to drink our fill of every day, not only does it taste good, but there are numerous reports out that lemons are good for you. So drink up and enjoy!

 Chocolate chip cookies are something that everyone should enjoy, however if you start getting tired of them, skip a week and you’ll realize that you enjoy them more than you thought.

 I hope you can enjoy your week and keep enjoying as much lemonade and ice cream as possible this week.

 Thanks for reading!