More Christmas distractions

Since I wrote my post a week ago about games with a christmas theme, several more have suddenly released new versions with Christmas spirit.

TempleRun 2

Once again you can run as Santa Claus, this year you can also run as Mrs Claus.
I do enjoy TempleRun 2, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a quick distraction.

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is a game similar to TempleRun and Angry Gran Run, only you ride in a mine car.
There is a winter/Christmas world you can ride through, but that seems to be the only thing Christmasy in the game.
This is a fun game, but watch out for the falling candy canes.

Panda pop

This is just you normal bubble popping game, only at the end of each level the panda wears a Santa hat.
This isn’t a bad game, if you like bubble popping games it might be worth taking a look at.

These are the games I’ve tried over the past week with Christmas themes. I hope you can find a bit of fun with one of them.
Feel free to offer your opinions in the comments.
That’s for reading!


Random thought of the day for August 14

Yet another one of my random thoughts to drive you crazy:

All of the planets in our solar system are named for ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even ol’ Pluto, but not Earth! Why is that?

I don’t really care what the name Earth means or anything, I just want to know why it’s not named after a god. Why don’t we live on Zeus? Or Diana? Or any of the many other, more minor, gods or goddesses from mythology?

Here’s a website that does confirm that Earth isn’t some obscure god or goddess:


Didn’t anyone ever think about naming Earth after some god or goddess? Makes you wonder… It’s just something else we’ll never know.

If you know or have a good idea why Earth isn’t named after some god or goddess, please comment!

My Doctor Who theory

This is my theory about what’s going to happen in Doctor Who during the Fiftieth anniversary special and the Christmas special. If you don’t want to read my ideas, or want to hear my take on a rumor going around, please don’t read any farther.


All right. You’re reading this, so I’ll continue.

As is common knowledge, David Tennant and Billie Piper are returning for the Fiftieth anniversary special. I’m looking forward to them coming back, even for a single episode. I’m taking it for granted that you already know that Matt Smith is leaving the show after the Christmas special. The interesting thing is a lot of people are calling for David Tennant to return as the Twelfth Doctor. The other major rumor is that the next Doctor will be a woman.

While I’m not entirely sure how well it would work turning the Doctor into a woman, I’ve been trying to think of what kind of actor or actress is needed for the part. I never really cared for Matt Smith, he wasn’t bad, but I don’t think that the writers knew how to treat him.

I’ve been trying to think how Steven Moffat would think, it’s not easy, but I’ve finally managed to see how he might trick everyone, he always seems to want to create mystery around the show, which is why I believe he’s allowed the rumors about the Doctor regenerating into a female Time Lord to float around so long.

I think that Steven Moffat knew who he was going to choose as the twelfth Doctor even before Matt Smith decided to leave. I think that he is going with an actress who has already been in Doctor Who. I think that the next Doctor is going to be the only woman that could possibly pull it off.

Any ideas? I’ll give you a few clues:


  1.  She has played key parts in the series since it returned in 2005.
  2. She’s been rumored to make returns in other episodes.
  3. She saved the Doctor a few times.
  4. She’s loved by some fans and hated by other.


That’s right, I think that Billie Piper will be the next doctor. It makes sense, she’s been with the rebooted Doctor Who since it began, she’s looked into the heart of the TARDIS, she traveled between universes to see the Doctor again.

All they would have to do is have the Doctor regenerate inside the TARDIS, perhaps touching something of Rose’s. The TARDIS could lend a hand as well, just look at the end of the first season to see how the TARDIS always liked Rose anyway.

Plus there’s the bonus factor that sometime, if they need a twist in an episode, Rose could return and meet the twelfth Doctor, Billie Piper would have to play two parts, but that’s been done before.


What do you think? Have I seen through Steven Moffat’s mystery? Or am I just spouting foolish ideas?


Interactive Fiction

I’d like to take a moment to tell you about Interactive Fiction (IF), also known as Adventure games and Text games, IF is the oldest kind of computer game in existence. It was quite popular in the early days of computing, but it suffered a decline in popularity when graphics were introduced to games. However IF is not dead, in fact there is a large community that still creates and plays IF.

There is one place where IF has an opportunity to gain new fans, advertizing, specifically advertizing for books, e-books in particular. IF is quite powerful and would work wonderfully as a way to hook people into a series. Let me give you an example: Say a mystery series has a minor character, IF could be utilized to give that character a story of his or her own. Or, if there is a place in a book where the main character enters a place and isn’t seen again for a number of pages and  nothing is explained about what happened in that place, IF could allow you to be the character in that place. What could be a better way to advertise a book?

IF has several different languages that can be used to create it, such as Inform 7, which is the easiest to use as it uses ‘natural language’ for writing the game. Inform 7 is my first choice for writing IF, it’s free from

 Over the next few weeks, I’m planning on going deeper into the power of IF, along with how easy it can be.

 What are your thoughts on Interactive Fiction?


There are too many distractions in the world today, but I’m not really complaining, distractions are some times welcome, though it can be annoying when two distractions overlap. I’m. Ever sure which distraction I should continue with, I find myself wondering if I should switch just in case one distractions more fun than the other, sometimes I even switch back and forth, though i don’t like to admit to doing that.
For me, a distraction can be as simple as a book, or a quick game on my iPad to kill a few minutes, or as time consuming as watching a baseball game or another tv show. Some times I don’t mind indulging in these distractions, but other times I feel guilty that I don’t get something more worthwhile done instead.
Still, I manage to get the most important stuff done, so I don’t complain, but I’d like to manage to ignore a few more distractions, thus I find myself wishing that I had an answer to this problem, but so far, I haven’t found any single solution that works every time. I’m always interested in new ideas, however.
Thanks for reading and please let me know what your thoughts are.

The trouble with reading

In this day and age, tablets have made reading a lot harder, at least for me. I keep finding myself distracted when I’m trying to read. I end up using my iPad to look something up. Sometimes it will be a word in a book that reminds me of something, other times the low ding saying I just received an email.

It doesn’t take much to distract you from a book, I’m sure most people are the same way. Ebooks are even harder for the same reason, but I’m not going to talk about ebooks tonight, I’ll save that subject for another post.

I’m sure that everyone can relate to being distracted while trying to read, what I’m curious about is how you ignore the distractions. There has to be a number of ways to ignore distractions, but I haven’t found one that works for me.

What is needed is a foolproof way to ignore tablet distraction and focus on reading. Luckily there is one way that is foolproof, it’s called a dead battery.

How  do you ignore distractions while reading?