More seasonal updates

Tonight I have one last bunch of games that have had a seasonal update, enjoy!
Laura Croft: Relic Run
Another game released a Christmas themed update, Laura Croft Relic Run. The update isn’t as major of an update as some, as far as I can tell they only gave her a Santa suit and no other changes. That said, there may be something on a level farther on than I am.

 If you are already playing Relic Run er, than get the update, if you aren’t playing it, it’s not a major enough upgrade to get you playing.
Subway surfers:
Subway surfers is a game I just recently stumbled across, it’s the next I wish I had known earlier. Right now it also has a Christmas theme, you’re running at the North Pole, trying to escape from Santa Clause after he catches you spray painting a subway tunnel wall… plus I think you’re now on the naughty list.

 While the graphics are a tad cartoonish, it’s a fun game to waste a few minutes with.
Cradle of Empires:
Cradle of Empires latest update includes a Christmas theme to its challenges. As you search for items to help build the ancient civilization, you can find colored candy canes which can be turned in for something I have not yet gotten far enough to know. It is somewhat fun, but candy canes and decorated trees in the ancient desert setting are a bit odd.
I hope you’ve enjoyed these game update posts.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!


Nearing the holidays 

This week officially kicks off the holiday season for most people. In less than two weeks is New Year’s Eve and day, which means everyone had an excuse to celebrate something.

 I’m planning on limiting my blog posts over the next two weeks or so. I apologize for not knowing just how often I’ll be posting, but no matter what I’ll be back to normal after New Years.

I do suggest using these holidays as an excuse to drink vast quantities of hot chocolate, eat as many cookies as you can and just enjoy yourself. These holidays come but once a year, no to mention the next holiday that you get a day off for is month away, plus that one doesn’t offer special cookies.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who follows my blog, it’s due to the likes I receive that keeps me blogging.

 Thanks for reading.

Random thought for December 16th 2013

I realized something odd recently:
The ‘winter’ holidays (October through April) are all basically extortion holidays. Now before anyone unfollows my blog, I’d like a chance to explain my thoughts, they use a bit of twisted logic, but stay with me for a moment.

This is how people view the holidays in question:

  • Halloween: give me candy!
  • Thankagiving: give me turkey!
  • Christmas: give me gifts!
  • New Years: give me champaign!
  • While this is simplifying quite a bit, at the core, it’s the way most people treat these holidays.
    That said, the ‘summer’ holidays aren’t much better, they basically boil down to “let’s grill hotdogs and hamburgers, then watch baseball.”
    I blame corporations for this, at least mostly, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s everyone’s fault, we let ourselves be led to the point where holidays all revolve around money.
    Perhaps everyone should be forced read read (or watch) ‘A Christmas Carol’ every year.

    What do you think? Am I a fool, or has everyone become to greedy with regard to holidays?
    Thanks for reading.