Another Monday gone

Another Monday is all but gone, which is normally a nice thing.

Mondays are nothing more than another day, but sometimes they can feel like several odd days jammed into one. Other times, a Monday can seem like a normal day, yet you wait for something odd to happen.


 We’re getting close to lemonade season,  which is always a good thing. Is there anything better than a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot day? I don’t think so.

 However the plain old lemonade that everyone enjoys seems to being modified into something new with the addition of other fruits and herbs, such as blackberries or mint. I’m not quite sold on the ideas that I’ve seen, however I’m willing to keep an open mind and I intend to try a few of these additions.


 I’m afraid that I didn’t do a very good job blogging last week, I hope to change that this week.


Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


September fades away

September is beginning to draw to a close, which means October will soon be upon us. The time for lemonade is nearly over and the time for apple cider is drawing near.
 The time for accidentally publishing blog posts are also upon us, sorry about that.

 While the month is slowly coming to an end and Fall begins on Wednesday, the temperatures are still staying summer like for the moment.

Luckily while the weather remains warm, we can all enjoy lemonade and ice cream for a while longer.

 One thing we can enjoy right now is ice cream with fruit, such as peaches and vanilla ice cream. However if you just want to cover your ice cream with chocolate syrup go for it!

 This is also a good time to get ready to entertain your cat for the next several months after winter has set in. I suggest laying in a supply of catnip and treats, a few toys wouldn’t hurt either.

 Comic books are still worth reading right now, I suggest reading something light hearted right now,  you can never read enough lighthearted comic books. Comic books are not only good relaxation, but they can kill a few minutes when you’re waiting for something.

 Keep enjoying good food, good lemonade and reading good comic books.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week.

I’m back!

I’m back after a week break from blogging. It was nice to take some time away from my blog and ignore stats and likes for a few days. Now that I’ve had a week off, I’m hoping that I can be funnier than I was recently.

 As it has been two weeks since I last wrote about the weather, ice cream and comic books, it would seem that I have a lot to talk about tonight, doesn’t it?

 First I’d like to remind everyone that even though Labor Day has come and gone, ice cream is still in season for a while longer, so don’t forget to try the following flavors before its time to move on to hot chocolate:

  • Vanilla 
  • Chocolate 
  • Mint chocolate chip 
  • Neapolitan 

In the same vain, lemonade is still in season too, while it doesn’t have to be as warm to really enjoy lemonade, it is always best on the warmest days around:

  • Plain lemon
  • Strawberry-lemonade 
  • Cranberry lemonade 

These three are all worth sampling at least once before summer is truly over.

The weather has still been summer like for most of us, but a hint of Fall is in the air, warning us to enjoy these days while we can, for all too soon Winter will join forces with Fall and together they will cause the trees to paint their leaves before they fall to the ground just in time for the first snow storm, and dreams of crisp leaves crunching underfoot will be over for another year.

 It’s always comic book weather though, which is one thing that you can look forward to no matter what the weather and s like, hot or cold, comic books are always there to be read, a guaranteed escape from the events of the world, at least if you pick the right ones.

 Lastly, chocolate chip cookies are about to be in their prime season, while they are harvested from ovens the world over all year lm g, it isn’t until Fall when they are at their peak, like an apple, chocolate chip cookies vary in shape and size, but unlike apples and all fruits, a chocolate chip cookie is always tasty.

 Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding my need last week for a break.

Fairwell August, until we meet again next year…

August is all but over, which is why I’m forced to say that the penultimate month of summer has come to an end.

 August was an odd month this year, a month of extremes, hot highs that caused droughts and cool lows that have prompted warnings that fall and winter are coming early this year.

 One thing that August didn’t have was much moisture, it’s been a dry month all my over. Some rain would have been appreciated, instead there were a few clouds and plenty of haze from wildfires.

 The best part of this past month, in my opinion, had to be ice cream, although how can you go wrong with ice cream? At least if the flavor a are those you enjoy.

 However we are now moving, slowly but surely, into hot chocolate season, so make sure you get your fill of ice cream before it’s too late!

 Comic books are also an item that goes hand in hand with summer, don’t you think? While they are great all year long, there is something about comic books in the summer that makes them twice as pleasant.

One thing that the forthcoming Fall has going for it is the rash of fools politicians trying to inflate hot air balloons debating their positions on policies that have so many hidden items that they say and do something entirely different are confusing even to the people who wrote them. The coming political season (which at current count will be 14+ months long) has the added bonus of helping to offset a possible cold winter.

 However politics are not what I wanted to talk about tonight, I really wanted to discuss the sweet tanginess of lemonade.

Lemonade is another one of those things normally considered a summer treat, even though there isn’t any law against drinking it all year long, it is something most of us wait all winter to taste again the sweet, tangy, tart goodness of lemonade is one taste that nothing can quite compare with, especially on a hot summer day with the sun beating down on you.

 So as summer winds down, kick back and enjoy those last glasses of lemonade and the last bowls of ice cream, it’ll be months before you can begin to enjoy them again.

 What is your favorite part of summer that you’ll miss during the winter?

 Thanks for reading.

Three Fun Things To Do This Weekend

​ Tonight I thought I’d help those of you who might be having trouble deciding what to do this weekend, I hope these ideas entertain you.


First thing you’ll need is a pet, the next thing is to convince your pet that they are now named Yoric, at least for the weekend. If you can’t convince your pet to be called Yoric, a human will do,  this will likely be easier as you can pay them.

 The second thing  thing you need is a costume, Shakespearian era, two are better than one, put your pet or friend in the second.

 Finally, go walking around your neighborhood, asking everyone you encounter if they have seen Yoric. At so,e point you should arrange to meet Yoric. If you have a human friend playing Yoric, to keep the fun going a lot longer, when you part company, go around talking about how well you know Yoric.

 This is good for hours of fun, you might even end up with many other people joining in the fun, a few might even offer you a jacket, a straight jacket that is.


The next idea for your weekend required a small list for f things:

  • Vanilla ice cream 
  • Chocolate chips
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Ice cream cones (optional)
  • Strawberries
  • Banana, sliced into small pieces

 You are making ice cream snowmen, so you’ll have some leeway.

 You’ll need three scoops of ice cream, each one smaller than the one before, stack the scoops of ice cream on top of that be another.

 Next take a slice of banana or two depending on the length of the slice and your preference. Insert the banana below the smallest scoop of ice cream.

 Next take your chocolate chips and use them for the features of your snowman, eyes, ears, mouth and coat buttons if desired.

 You can use the end of an ice cream cone for a hat if you wish.

After creating your ice cream snowmen, you’ll be able to tell everyone that you made snowmen over the weekend.


This idea is perfect for a hot weekend day when you have nothing else to do:

You’ll need:

  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Various fruits
  • Plenty of cold water
  • Plenty of ice
  • Several pitchers

This fun tasty adventure is trying to make a better lemonade.

 First off you’ll need to make the base for your lemonade, which s just 1 part lemon juice and 3 parts water. Add either sugar or honey to sweeten your lemonade, it is best to sweeten it to your taste, which is why I’m not giving any advice on the amount to add.

 Now that you have your lemonade base, add some fruits to it, this best fruits are juicy ones, this will vastly reduce the amount of time your lemonade needs to sit before you taste it.

 Using other fruit juices instead of whole fruits will also allow you to try the final product quicker.


Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll have some fun this weekend.

Late August lemonade…

Lemonade sometimes tastes better in late August, the reasons are unclear, but it likely has something to do with summer slowly fading away and the realization that lemonade season is coming to a close.

 During these late days of summer, or rather what is typically accepted as the last days of summer, I heartily encourage you to spend as much time as possible drinking lemonade and eating ice cream. If you do, somehow, grow tired of ice cream, I recommend switching to in season fruits, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches or your favorite summer fruit. Remember many fruits can be eaten on top of plain vanilla ice cream.

 Lemonade is something I really don’t think you can get tired of, but if you do, plain water can quickly cure you of this strange affliction.

 As the summer gets closer to surrendering to Fall, you might come to realize that you didn’t get anything major finished this year,meant worry, I have a few quick and easy ideas for you to do before the end of summer:

  1.  Create a comic strip or book, possible characters include Lemonade boy and Ice Creambot.
  2. Write an vastly abridged version of a famous novel, such as War and Peace, something like: Out of War comes Peace. Or: War comes before Peace.
  3. Design and build a working rocket to explore Mars with, projected time, 1 hour, give or take due to technical glitches.
  4. Host an ice cream sculpting contest, don’t forget that a snowman of of ice cream takes only a few minutes to make and can be mighty tasty.

There are many other things you can also do before the end of summer, just open your mnmind d and imagine. Or ignore everything and read a comic book.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Welcome to August 

Welcome to August, the month known for the many days of dogs of summer, or in other words it’s the dog days of summer. 

 Why are these days called the dog days of summer? Basically just because of how hot these summer days tend to be.

 Now on to the interesting stuff, where should we start? Cookies? Ice cream? Comic books? Lemonade? There is a lot to cover, so let’s get busy!

 Ice cold lemonade is always good during these hot summer days, the colder the better, not only will it cool you off, but if it’s cold enough it will stay cold for quite a while even on a hot day, a few ice cubes tossed in will keep it cold for a few extra minutes.

  Ice cream is another good thing to enjoy on a hot day, however it melts very quickly, so you must make sure you enjoy it quickly. If you don’t want to eat it quickly, I suggest only eating ice cream at the north or South Pole where it’s cold enough to keep it from melting. If you can’t afford to take a trek to eat your ice cream, you can always take a large bowl of ice and place your bowl of ice cream on top, this will lengthen the time your ice cream will remain frozen.

 Cookies of any type are good, used to top your ice cream they can only be made better, however I suggest chocolate chip cookies if only for the fact that you can add more chocolate chips without anyone being the wiser.

One thing you should be cautious of while you enjoy your ice cream, cats. Cats tend to enjoy ice cream a lot, mostly vanilla in my experience, however I don’t doubt that they enjoy other flavored as well, so don’t turn your back on your ice cream if your cat is anywhere near.

That brings us to comic books, those wonderful things that are very nice for summer reading. They can be carried easily, they are intriguing enough to hold your attention on a hot day while not requiring  too much thought to enjoy, which is about as perfect combination of everything you could want for summer reading.

 I hope you can find the time to read a comic book, enjoy some lemonade and eat even more ice cream this week.

 Thanks for reading!

June: a bug in summer’s ear

Now that Summer has officially begun here in the northern hemisphere, the summer heat is in full swing. There isn’t much you can do about the heat, besides complaining of course, but there are many ways to make the most out of it.

 This is the one time of year no one is going to wonder why you’re eating ice cream five fives an hour, or drinking two pitchers of lemonade during the day.  On the hottest days of the year, it’s also acceptable to eat ice cream sandwiches as a meal, at least as long as you don’t tell anyone, then you’d have to share.

 However, no matter how much you enjoy ice cream and lemonade, there will be a point where you’ll find yourself growing tired of them, this is the point you’ll have to go to some extra work.

 Lemonade can be made fun and tasty again by adding to it, strawberry lemonade is a favorite of many people, something becoming more popular is cranberry lemonade. You might also try limeade, it’s different enough from lemonade that it’ll refresh your tastebuds.

 Ice cream sandwiches can also be spruced up, just eat them while sitting in a spruce tree. You could also make your own ice cream sandwiches by putting a scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.

 Another way to forget about the heat is to settle down in the coolest place you can find and read a good comic book, you want something dull and boring, or something taking place in the arctic, or Siberia perhaps.

 Don’t expect to see much of your cat right now: cats are smart, they know when to sleep, in this case all day and part of the night, they will be active in the early hours after the temperature cools off, they’ll think you should be active then too, expect them to encourage you to wake up in the middle of the night to feed them.
 All in all, this time of year isn’t too bad if you can just kick back and relax with frozen lemonade and a comic book. I hope you can find time to relax this week.

Thanks for reading.

Nine days into June

We’re nine days into June and everything looks quite a bit like May, there are a few differences, maybe a few degrees warmer and perhaps a bit less rain here in Denver, however for the most part there is really no way to tell the two months apart.

 The biggest difference is the fact there was national doughnut day, which seeing as I missed it, isn’t that big of a thing. I suggest the every government of the world take steps to make national doughnut day an international day where every government employee, politician, solider, dog catcher and even sewer inspector takes the day to go out into the public and hand out doughnuts to everyone. Hey, it’s no crazier than what governments do every day.

 Even though I forgot about national doughnut day this year, there is really no reason that anyone can’t enjoy a doughnut any day this month, or every day if you so desire.

 Doughnuts are a great all season snack, all you need to take into consideration is what topping is on your doughnut during the summer, some icings or frosting so can easily melt during the summer heat, these might damage the comic book you are undoubtedly reading as you eat your doughnut. All is not lost, you can have your chocolate cream filled eclair with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on top even during the summer heat, just make sure that you keep it refrigerated until you are ready to eat it.

 A doughnut with a nice glass of lemonade or iced tea can be a great refreshing snack on a hot summer afternoon.

 I hope you’ll take the time this week to savor a doughnut and a glass of lemonade, a good comic book and a nice late Spring afternoon.

 Thank you for reading.

When June gives you lemons…

make lemonade, or so I paraphrase. The only unanswered question is what to do when your drowning in lemonade, but that’s the subject for either another post, a psychologist or a blockbuster flop of a movie with at least two superheroes, take your pick.

June is an interesting month, while most of it is technically part of Spring, many if not most people consider it Summer, plus mid-summer’s night lands during June, even though it is just a few days after the official start of Summer.

Lemonade and ice cream, hotdogs and hamburgers are what most people think about during this month, if they are dieting they think about frozen yogurt and tofu dogs instead, but that has no bearing on this post.

 June is also the time when many people begin to plan or start a vacation, one thing few think about are common crooks, those simple, easy to carry, easy to read (at least the better ones are easy to read) things that can make any trip a bit more fun. Be it an old favorite, a new favorite, or something you have always wanted to read, comic books are essential to summer.

 One thing that tends to be left out of summer are chocolate chip cookies, the reason is that the chocolate chips get soft and start to melt in the heat, while no one wants a melted cookie, we’re not so harsh with ice cream any any form. I feel this is a sad fact of life, also it is something to work on, I suggest freezing your chocolate chip cookies and serving them as you would ice cream, or with a scoop of ice cream on top, either one is great.

While one of the latest fads is a pretzel bun, I can see where some unscrupulous people would be tempted to go too far, thus I do not recommend a chocolate chip cookie wrapped around a hot dog, that would be something you’d hear about only on this blog in my ruining food posts.
In conclusion, I want to say that I hope you’ll consider making co,if books and chocolate chip cookies a part of your summer plans, just like hotdogs and ice cream all ready are (or should be).

 Thank you for reading and have a great week.