Post number 600!

This is my 600th post on my blog. While it’s not quite as glamorous of a milestone ad 100 or 500, but it’s still a number to be celebrated.

 So much has changed since I first started blogging, back then I wasn’t sure what I was doing or really even why I was blogging. I only knew everyone was blogging and I wanted a blog of my own.

 Now of course, my blog is mostly humor related, which is something I’m happy with. Over the next year I may revisit some of the series of blog posts I have had over the years, such as updating classic movies.

 I wouldn’t have made it this long without the many people who have visited my blog. Whether you are a new comer to my blog or if you’re ge been following my blog since I started it, I want to thank you for reading my blog.

 I hope that The next 600 posts are as rewarding as the first 600 have been.

 Thank you for reading, here’s s to the next 600 posts.



Thanks to you, my blog now has over 300 followers.

 This is a big milestone, one I had never really expected to hit to be honest. Now I’m looking toward the next milestones for my blog, 550 and 600 posts, the first of which I wil hit within the next month.

 When I first noticed my blog had hit 300 followers, I started think about what my blog needs to get better. I have a few ideas, but I need some advice from you on what you’d like to see more of:

  • More ruining food. 
  • More quotes from famous people if they had been cats. 
  • Random thoughts and wacky thoughts. 
  • Jokes. 
  • Conspiracy theories. 

Another thing I want to ask is if you miss any of these kind of posts:

  • Redoing Classic movies.
  • Making cat toys. 
  • Game reviews. 
  • My take on the news. 
  • Parodies. 
  • Posts about ice cream.

These are some big decisions with even larger changes possible for my blog, I might also just leave everything the same, but I do want to see what you, my readers, want to read on my blog.

 Thanks for taking a few moments to give me your opinions, and thank you for reading my blog.

My 500th post!

Tonight I’m celebrating my 500th post on this blog.

While the going has been anything but easy, it has been a fun journey so far, one I hope will keep going for several hundred more posts.

 During the past 500 posts, my blog has changed quite a bit, mostly for the better. One thing that has changed fairly recently is the fact that I’ve cut down on the number of posts a week, it’s taken just over five months to get from four hundred to five hundred posts. I do miss the daily posts, however it has been a lot easier to create higher quality posts.

 I’ve learned a lot during the past five hundred posts, I’ve learned that everyone likes reading about food and how to ruin it, as well as food jokes. Since I enjoy writing those things it’s looking like my blog will be around for a while.

One thing has has happened recently that I was afraid might take more of my time away from this blog was the creation of my new book review blog, however that is going well and not taking much time away from this blog after all.

 I have high hopes for the next few weeks, including trying to blog more often.

 I want to take a moment and thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate the likes and comments, they make blogging worthwhile.

 Now onward into the next five hundred posts, may there be fewer typos!

Thank you

Thank you everyone, my blog had finally reached 1000 likes.
While it has taken longer than I would have liked to reach this milestone, it’s been an interesting journy. I’ve blogged about everything I could think about, I’ve blogged more jokes that I can count, I’ve added more and more humor over the months.
I’ve posted 370 posts (plus this one which means this is number 371), which is quite a few. I’m closing in one 200 followers as well.
So while not all of my posts are great, enough of them must be good enough to get a few likes, which means I’m doing something right.
I hope that I can keep getting my posts better and better over the next few months, I’m sure there will be a few that won’t be all that good, but with any luck no one else will think that besides myself.
Once again, thank you. I’m looking forward to the next 1000 likes, with luck I’ll have enough good posts that it won’t take another 310 posts to get there.

Thanks for read and I hope you have a great weekend.