How cats see the Olympics 

Now that the Olympics are beginning to wind down, you might be getting sick and tired of them, but do you know how your cat sees them? Read on to find out:


——– ———————-

Sprint: I can run faster in my sleep.


Golf: Mark Twain once said golf is a good walk ruined, I say golf is a good sleep to watch.


 Swimming: Humans are fools, who wants to get wet? They probably stay out in the rain too.


Volleyball: I can do the same thing with a mouse, now who deserves a gold medal?


Gymnastics: Now that’s a sport! Now if they would just do it with a mouse in their mouths.


Wrestling: ehh, I can do better, want to try me?


Soccer: same as volleyball, I’d do it with a mouse and on stairs.


Discus: they give medals for dog owners now? What’s next? Synchronized fish feeding?


High jump: not bad, but I can jump higher, just give me a reason to.


————— ————-

While there are many other sports in the Olympics, these are the only ones I was able to get answers from a cat before he returned to watching golf.

Thanks for reading!


Food and games for the Olympics

As everyone is wrapped up in watching the Olympics again this week, I thought I’d give you a few ideas on how to make food and drinks into fun Olympic Games of your own.

Use food coloring to dye apple rings the color of the Olympic Rings.

Bend a ski jump out of parchment (baking) paper (you might need something thicker to help it keep it’s shape). After you have your ramp, place a bowl of soup near the bottom of it and roll round crackers down your ramp, if the angle is right, the cracker should ‘jump’ Into your soup… You can choice how to rate the jump.

Cut one or more empty foil or plastic wrap rolls in half and create a luge or bobsled run, you’ll want to make it so you can place the ‘finish line’ on the rim of a mug or glass. Cover the inside of the cardboard tube with waxed paper.
Now that you’ve got your run, place the end on the rim of the drink of your choice. If you drink hot chocolate you can roll marshmallows into your cup. If you drink vodka martinis you can use olives or onions.

Now that you’ve got these ideas to start with, you’ll quickly see how many other fun food games you could do, saywax paper for a curling rink with celery as brooms for example.
Thanks for reading and have fun!

Let’s improve the Winter Olympics!

Is it just me, or do the Olympics seem to be a little too elite? Do you agree with me that it’s time for the Olympics to add sports that the everyday man or woman can perform? Sports that don’t require special equipment, uniforms or training?

In an effort to make future Winter Olympics more enjoyable and easier for the masses to attempt to get medals, I’ve put together the following suggestions for new sports that need to be added. Please note that the costs for adding these sports to the next winter games would be very small, if any additional costs would arise at all.


  • Speed shoveling: Preformed  singly, in pairs and in groups, this sport focuses on shoveling different objects the  fastest, i.e. Sidewalks, Driveways, roofs and the combo event where the competitors shovel all three in a limited amount of time.
  • Freestyle shoveling: An untimed event focused on shoveling patterns in freshly fallen snow.
  • The Snow Clearing biathlon:  Shoveling a sidewalk and salting it to keep ice from forming in a twenty MPH wind (large fans will be needed to adjust the wind speed).
  • Igloo building: This event in judged by three things: speed, durability and elegance. Double points are added if running water is provided by ice pipes.
  • Ice carving: While a bit more training is required for this sport, the final products can be displayed during the athletes supper.
  • Skateless figure skating: That’s right, basically slipping and sliding on slightly melting ice, worth many laughs and medals are awarded to anyone who can remain on their feet for twenty minutes. Another bonus is that all competitors can compete at the same time.
  • Snow person building: If you don’t think this would be a sport, look at the snow people in ‘Meet me in St. Louis’, those are marvels and would deserve gold, silver and bronze medals in my mind.
  • Snowball fighting: This would basically be the equivalent of fencing for the winter Olympics, you could even have sensors to detect a hit.

Those are my suggestions, I’m sure that there are many other potential sports that I haven’t thought of.

What do you think? Are any of these ‘sports’ something you’d like to try out for in future Winter Olympics?

Thanks for reading!