A few questions…

As I prepare to put up new posts, I find myself wondering just what kind of posts people want now.

  1. Humorous post
  2. Insightful posts
  3. Posts about politics
  4. Posts about cats
  5. Posts about plants
  6. Periodic reposts of old posts
    1. Let me know in the comments below.

      Thank you in advance.



      Thanks to you, my blog now has over 300 followers.

       This is a big milestone, one I had never really expected to hit to be honest. Now I’m looking toward the next milestones for my blog, 550 and 600 posts, the first of which I wil hit within the next month.

       When I first noticed my blog had hit 300 followers, I started think about what my blog needs to get better. I have a few ideas, but I need some advice from you on what you’d like to see more of:

      • More ruining food. 
      • More quotes from famous people if they had been cats. 
      • Random thoughts and wacky thoughts. 
      • Jokes. 
      • Conspiracy theories. 

      Another thing I want to ask is if you miss any of these kind of posts:

      • Redoing Classic movies.
      • Making cat toys. 
      • Game reviews. 
      • My take on the news. 
      • Parodies. 
      • Posts about ice cream.

      These are some big decisions with even larger changes possible for my blog, I might also just leave everything the same, but I do want to see what you, my readers, want to read on my blog.

       Thanks for taking a few moments to give me your opinions, and thank you for reading my blog.

      Questions without answers

      Tonight I’m going to present you with a few questions that have no answers, or at least no answers that are good enough.

      How can a tiny cat eat her weight (or more) in turkey?

      How can Small Business Saturday and Buy Nothing Day be on the same day?

      Why does hot chocolate taste better with mini marshmallows?

      Why can’t weather forecasters get the weather right more consistently?

      Is climate change the result of politicians campaign speeches?

      Random observaton:
      Here’s an extra thought for you tonight:

      We wear sweaters when it’s cold, but we don’t wear coolers when it’s hot.

      Thanks for reading,
      Please feel free to comment

      A few questions

      Tonight I’m asking questions I haven’t found any real answers to.

      Why are cats so crazy sometimes?

      Is there a real difference between cat food and dog food?

      Do weather forecasters really know what they are talking about?

      Will the Colorado Rockies ever have a winning season again?

      What kind of toys do cats really want?

      Why do computers have mice when cats prefer tablets?

      That’s about all the questions I have tonight… except for the one that prompted this post: What should I blog about tonight?

      Thanks for reading.

      Questions I have

      During the past few days while I’ve pondered, I’ve come up with a few questions that I can’t answer. I’m hoping that my readers might have the answers to these questions.

      If chili is hot, what food with a warm name is cold?

      Why do people complain when weather forecasters miss a winter storm, or the temperature is ten degrees colder in the winter, but no one complains when they predict a hundred degree day in July and it only reaches ninty?

      Why, when the same amount of rice is cooked on different days with the same amount of water, can the final amount vary to a large degree?

      Why do TV networks put Christmas cartoons on before Thanksgiving? Can’t they wait a few days? Who doesn’t like watching old TV cartoons before Christmas?

      If we have weekends, why isn’t there a week beginning?

      These are just a sample of the odd things that go through my mind when have time to ponder things. I only have two choices: to spend less time thinking, or to blog my thoughts.
      Thanks for reading and please comment if you have any answers to theses questions.