Random thoughts by Colin

Tonight I have a few random thoughts for you.

If a bear took up golf and got annoyed, would he be teed off?

People ask how much wood a woodchuck could chuck, yet no one asks just who named them woodchucks since they don’t throw chunks of wood.

With baseball season winding down, regardless of if your team is in the playoff race, it’s time to set the clocks for February, less than six months until spring training!

Wild Buffalo Betty and Agent 028 have a lot of good posts for you coming up this week, I’ve agreed to let them continue with their posts if they can get twenty likes this week, so if you enjoy the odd posts those two cats write, give them a few likes this week.

I’ll be back next weekend to let you know what happens!

Thanks for reading!


A quick week 

It’s been a quick week, too quick in fact. I haven’t been able to get the special posts I was planning on finished yet, however I’ll have them ready next week.


I’ve been thinking about having a few posts regarding steampunk, I’m curious if anyone is interested in steampunk and other related things or not, let me know in the comments.


I missed my humor/joke post this week and apologize for the lack of humor this week, rest assured that I’ll have jokes next week.


 I’ll leave you with a two classic jokes, I hope you enjoy:


After a bloody battle, Blackbeard had lost most of his crew. He began setting pots of dirt all over his ship, much to the dismay of his crew, when he began putting maize seeds in them, the crew demanded an explanation. He replied “We need more pirates, These plants are a good source of buccaneers!”


Why did the mad scientist create a machine that could only cause rain inside buildings on farms?
He wanted to go barnstorming!

Another Monday in April

It’s been another Monday in April, nothing more, nothing less.

 Mondays can be… odd, to say the least. No matter what you have planned, it almost never works out.

 April is almost as bad in itself, you can never be certain what any day is going to bring. It’s a month of changes as it sits smack dab between winter and spring, which means you can have warm weather one day and snow the next.

 However not everything is bad about Mondays in April, they often go by very quickly, plus there are aa limited number of them every year.


 I’ve been neglecting my blog this month I realized, I haven’t gotten as many posts in as I should have, which is something I’m hoping to rectify starting this week.

  Keep your eyes open for a few special posts over the next few days.


I hope that this week goes smoothly for everyone. Thanks for reading!

In the midst of February 

We’re in the midst of February now and the weather is still warm, which is nice, even though it is odd. 

 With how the weather has been so far this year, it’s looking like it might be an odd year weather wise all year. However nothing is certain when it comes to the weather, so it looks to be interesting to say the least.


 The only thing that is odder than the weather are cats, but cats can get away with being odd. 


  Somedays blogging is easy, other days it’s hard. Tonight it’s hard. Sorry for such a short post.

Thanks for reading.

January ending

We come to the last week of January, it’s been a month of odd weather, odd events and never ending politics, in other words, it’s been a normal month.

 With January coming to an end, we can easily see several things that make the coming months easier to get through, namely baseball spring training late next month.


 Many people are eager for the super bowl in roughly two weeks, be it for the sport itself or the commercials that will be shown, it’s an event many people live for.


 With the heavy snowfall on the east coast, I can only hope that everyone has plenty of hot chocolate to drink… and warm chocolate chip cookies to eat of course.


Is there anything better than a cup of hot chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie and a comic book to read on a snowy day without a care in the world?


 What comic books are the best for this time of year? While I’d suggest something action packed, some of you reading this might prefer some of the new style comics that have appeared over the past few years, I’m not refers to cartoon comics, those are time tested classics, instead I refer to any of the new comics such as the many that focus on zombies, or are drawn manga style, or any of the numerous other ones that I might not have come across yet. These are diferant from what many think of comics as, but they can still be worth reading if they appeal to you. Read what you enjoy.


I know this post is a bit different from normal, but I’m trying a few new things this year. Feel free to let me knock w what you thing.

Thanks for reading!

Friday thoughts for January 15th 

Tonight I have a handful of thoughts to share with you, they might be odd, strange or thoughtful, enjoy.




The political season is in full swing, though that isn’t anything odd, it’s always time for political pandering. After all the votes are counted, it’s time to begin again, you might say politics are a self renewing resource.




 The only thing more confused than politics is the weather, or more accurately the weather forecasters. The more technology they get, the worse they manage to predict the weather. At the current rate, I predict that within a few decades, they will be predicting snow in the middle of summer.




2016 isn’t looking like a good year to be famous, just look at how many celebrities have died so far this month….




Now for something much happier… happy birthday to the great actress, Margaret O’Brien, who turned 84 today.

 One of the great child stars of the 1940s, she has stared in many great movies, such as: Meet Me in St. Louis, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, The Secret Harden and many more.


 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

January cold, 2016

January is cold, it’s just a fact, unfortunately. This year it hasn’t been as bad as it could be, but the month is still young.

 Everyone is focused on gambling this week, with the powerball being over a billion dollars, not that most people even have a change of winning, they just think they do.

 The most important thing is to have enough chocolate chip cookies on hand, that way no matter what happens, cold weather, learning you didn’t gamble your way to a fortune, ect, you have something to fall back on.

 No matter what you do this week, just remember that baseball’s spring training is just over a month away.


 I apologize that I haven’t had much on my blog lately, I hope to remedy that soon.

Thanks for reading.

Friday thoughts for January 8th

2016 seems to be rolling along smoothly, at the most basic it’s not much different from 2015, we still have Fridays.


 Now that all the main holidays are behind us, we get to wait nearly a full year before we get to enjoy certain things, luckily there isn’t any law saying that we can’t still drink hot chocolate.


Stocks are down for the year, it’s been a real bear market so far. I prefer to skip bear markets, I suggest making your own stocks at home, chicken and vegetable stocks are quite easy and tasty, plus you won’t lose your shirt to the bears while cooking.


The weather is odd again, so once again, 2016 is just like 2015 and 2014 and…. well, let’s just say the weather is always odd.


In other signs that 2016 is shaping up to be just like 2015 and most other years, politicians are still trying to shout louder than the next, which also means the real problems are likely hidden under all the hot air.


The difficulty in making blog posts long enough also seems to be constant over the years, I keep running out of things to say before I use enough words. Is there a solution? Doubtful, but time will tell.


 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

End of the year

The end of the year is rapidly approaching , which means most people are looking backward and forward at the same time, which can be unsettling to say the least.

 With that in mind, I thought I’d offer a few things to think about:


Comic books are always changing and the end of the year is a great time to look back through old issues and enjoy the old stories once more, you might remember why you enjoy a certain comic book., or you might realize just how much your favorite character has changed since you first began reading that comic book series.

Hot chocolate is also a nice thing to remember, take a few minutes to think about the best cups you drank, maybe you’ll be able to discover what made them so good.

Plan out the many kinds of cookies you plan on consuming next year.

It is also a good time to look over the books you’ve read this year and decide if there are any genres you really want to read more of during the coming year. Perhaps you’ll decide you want to read more classics, or more fantasy.

It’s important to think about blogging as well, to make a plan for what you want to accomplish next year, if you want or need to raise or lower the number of posts you do every week.


 I want to take ca moment and thank you for reading my blog this year.

Nearing the holidays 

This week officially kicks off the holiday season for most people. In less than two weeks is New Year’s Eve and day, which means everyone had an excuse to celebrate something.

 I’m planning on limiting my blog posts over the next two weeks or so. I apologize for not knowing just how often I’ll be posting, but no matter what I’ll be back to normal after New Years.

I do suggest using these holidays as an excuse to drink vast quantities of hot chocolate, eat as many cookies as you can and just enjoy yourself. These holidays come but once a year, no to mention the next holiday that you get a day off for is month away, plus that one doesn’t offer special cookies.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who follows my blog, it’s due to the likes I receive that keeps me blogging.

 Thanks for reading.