Which is worse?

Tonight we’re looking at which is worse:

Extremely hot weather or a crazy cat?

Six feet of snow or a crazy cat?

An annoyingly loud bird outside your window or an annoyed cat?

A horrible baseball team* or two cats plotting to drive you insane?

A near home run that’s caught or a cat leaping at an imaginary fly on your head?

Stale potato chips or a cat who thinks your feet are toys?

A dead pen or a cat trying to play with the pen in your hand?

Thanks for reading! I hope you got a chuckle out of these.

*you know who you are, Rockies!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

No, I haven’t flipped, I know it’s not Christmas time, it’s something much better, it’s baseball season!
Baseball season is here again, it’s a time of great hoped, every team believes that they can win the World Series, every player believing that he can win the MVP (both league and team), every hitter is dreaming of a silver slugger.
Dreams are what baseball is made of, all the dreams are good ones… Until some go down hill and become nightmares.
Still, it’s the start of a new season, no matter if your team wins or loses the opening day game, they can still get into the playoffs, there are still 161 games remaining.
Yes, baseball season is starting, for the time it’s the most wonderful time of the year, next week is soon enough for reality to set in.

Go Rockies! We’re going to the World Series this year!

Thanks for reading!

Thank you Todd Helton

As Todd Helton plays his last game at Coors Field, I feel compelled to write this.
I’m a big baseball fan, I admit it. I didn’t really start paying attention to baseball until 2007, when the Rockies went to the playoffs. That whole year I kept saying that they were going to win the pennant, which they did. I only wish I had said that they’d win the World Series.
One of the reasons I became a baseball fan was watching Todd Helton play, he’s always given it his all, playing as hard as he could, even while the rest of the team would lose hope and give up, Todd Helton never did, he’s a true baseball player.
We here in Colorado have been lucky to have him play here for 17 years. In my mind he is one of the last true baseball players, caring more about the game and the Rockies than the money, he could have gone to another team, but instead he stayed, giving up the chance to go back to the playoffs, all because he felt that he owed the Rockies and Colorado his full career.
We’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to watch him play over the years.
Thank you Todd Helton, you’ll be missed.