How to survive a time travel accident, part 3

Tonight we come to the third part of our advice on how to survive a time travel accident; while our first two parts focused on how to survive a time travel accident that strands you in the past, tonight I will try to give you advice on surviving being stranded in the future.

Many of you are no doubt wondering why you would have any trouble surviving in the future, distant or near. As a quick answer I advise you to read or watch The Time Machine, that should answer your questions. However there are other reasons that you might have trouble, reasons I shall outline for you here:


  1. An EMP decimated all electronics and plunged humanity into chaos.
  2. An alien invasion has wiped out most humans and made any survivors leery of strangers.
  3. A plague wiped out all of humanity and another race is now ruling earth.
  4. A massive war, say WWIII, has raged so long that humans are reduced to swinging swords at one another as all other technology has been lost.
  5. Massive changes to both Earth and human society have created small enclaves of tightly controlled humans that cannot accept a stranger into their world.
  6. Humans have evolved into non corporeal beings that you cannot communicate with.


While there are doubtlessly other situations that you might encounter, these are enough to tackle for tonight.

We’ll focus on the EMP option first. EMP stands for Electromagnetic pulse, you can read more about them on Wikipedia:

An EMP could happen several ways, a high altitude nuclear explosion, a specially designed weapon or simply a solar flare are the two most people well versed on the subject fear. Basically what happens is that all electronics in the affected area are destroyed… you can just imagine the chaos that would follow such an event, especially if it’s a global event, all refrigeration would cease, everyone would lose all their money as banks would be destroyed in seconds, ect.

If you find yourself in such a world, the best you can hope for is an old west experience, a civilization trying to grow back too where it once was, law trying to restore itself and outlaws who think killing is fun and their right.

In such a world you must make yourself so valuable to both the lawless and the law itself that they cannot live without you, you might consider become a blacksmith or a gunsmith. No matter what you choose, you’ll be faced with a hard life.


In the case of an alien invasion, your best bet is to head for the hills and become a hermit or trapper, live off the land and interact with people as seldom as possible, it won’t be a comfortable life, but you’ll have a good chance to survive… unless the aliens have left behind animals from their own world that kill you first.

Should you instead try to help the humans that are left, you should be prepared to die, as it’s doubtful that you’ll succeed.


If you arrive in a world that has been decimated by an advanced plague, it’s doubtful that you’ll survive long enough to do anything, I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s true.


If on the other hand you’re in a world reduced to medieval weapons, refer to the first part of this series as thing will be close enough not to make much difference, you should manage to live out a nice life, one filled with excitement and action if nothing else.


If you find yourself in a world of tightly knitted enclaves of humans that won’t accept a stranger in their midst, you do have a few options:

  1. Become a hermit, a simple option that is by far the least involved and safest.
  2. Keep watch over the enclave for a time, with luck you’ll find something attacking it, say a bear, if you drive the bear off or kill it, you’ll have a slight chance to be accepted in the enclave.
  3. search out another enclave, there are bound to be multiple enclaves, plus every now and then an enclave is bound to split in two, at which time you can try to gain access to one.
  4. Determine the leave of weapon technology the enclave has, then build something stronger, challenge the leader to a duel and take over the enclave. Note, this has the greatest risk of death and the shortest time of survival.


If you find yourself alone in the future as the populace has become non corporeal beings, I have nothing to offer you. The future non corporeal humans may look out for you, they may try to help you evolve yourself, or they may kill you with a thought, I don’t know enough to offer any advice in such a situation, only that once again, becoming a hermit might save your life.


I hope that this has given you a few things to think about. Please feel free to comment and thanks for reading!


How to destroy a classic movie: A Guy Named Joe

It’s Friday night and time to destroy another classic movie by imagining how Hollywood might remake it. I truly believe I’ve got a winner here tonight, it could easily be a blockbuster remake!
It’s got everything you need, romance, death, war and enough science fiction to make anyone happy. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

First a brief synopsis of the movie:
A guy named Joe.
In the original version, we have a guy named Pete, a guy named Ted and a woman named Dorinda, I don’t think there is really a guy named Joe in the movie, but that’s besides the point.
Dorinda is Basically engaged to Pete, but it’s during WWII and Pete gets shot down and killed, Dorinda tries to go on with her life.
Pete gets sent back to Earth to watch over Ted, helping him learn how to fly and so forth, it’s going all right until Ted meets Dorinda and sparks fly, Pete’s not happy, but as he’s dead there’s not much he can do about it.
Dorinda steals Ted’s plane after he’s assigned a dangerous mission, Pete ends up helping her fly the mission, after which Dorinda returns to Ted and Pete leaves.

You can read more on the Wikipedia page :

I think we can make the movie much better.

First let’s reverse the gender roles and give the movie a new name: A Girl Named Zoe.

Next the setting: in the distant future, Mars has been terraformed and turn into a paradise, Earth is ruled by an evil dictator who controls the food supply. Mars has revolted and is holding its own, with a few stations and scouts placed to give warning in the event that Earth launches an attack.
On one of these stations we meet Henry and Rachel. Rachel is assigned to a scout ship while Henry flys a freighter between Mars and the station with supplies.
The day before Rachel’s stint is over and she can return to Mars and her painting, she goes on a routine scout mission, only this time it’s not routine as an Earth invasion fleet intercepts her scout, a lopsided battle ensues that ends with Rachel being killed and her scout disabled.
However Rachel’s mind was connected to the scouts computer (which is illegal) and her mind survives. Mars fights off the Earth invasion fleet, retrieves the disabled scout and repairs it without realizing that Rachel’s mine is trapped inside the scouts computer.
The repaired scout is assigned to Julie Heathcliff, a rookie pilot who quickly finds herself in trouble as on her first mission the scout is chased by two attack craft from Earth, only Rachel mind, which is now in control of the scout’s computer, saves the scout and returns them to Mars.
Rachel learns that Julie Heathcliff is now engaged to Henry, she’s faced with a decision on what to do, she considers taking Julie on a suicide attack, but finally realizes that she’s dead and can’t do such a thing to an innocent woman like Julie.
By then a large attack fleet is sent from Earth and Rachel finds herself in the position of having to sacrifice herself to save Julie Heathcliff and Henry (whom is also on the scout for some reason).
Now the scout is in the midst of battle and only Rachel’s fast reflexes are keeping it intact. Suddenly Julie Heathcliff finds the mental interface and dons it, resulting in the first face to face confrontation between reach and Julie, surprise, anger and shouting result, but quickly feminist as the scout comes under attack again. As the scout comes under fire again, a failure in some circuit results in an electronic backlash that scrambles the scouts computer and slams Julie and Rachel into one person and back into Julie’s body.

For the finish we have three options:

1: Mars fights off Earth, insures their independence and everyone lives happily ever after.
2: Mars is wiped out by Earth in massive explosions and everyone from Mars dies, including Julie/Rachel and Henry.
3: Julie/Rachel becomes one person, but dies, we never find out what happens in the war.
4: As the battle rages, the sun explodes suddenly, destroying both fleets and all of humanity.
5: An uneasy truce is established, Julie/Rachel becomes a secret weapon of Mars and Henry is killed because dead men tell no tales.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at how a classic movie could be updated. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

Halloween and mythic creatures

Halloween and mythic creatures go hand in hand. There couldn’t be a better time for these creatures of myths to wander about our world and see the sights, no one would question them, they’d just be thought of as festive people who are really in the right spirit of the holiday.

If you think about it, there aren’t too many days of the year when these creatures could be seen without worrying about their lives. Vampires, for instance, have only this one day of the year to reveal themselves for who they really are and not worry about having a stake driven thorough their hearts… or when a new Vampire movie is released, I guess.

Elves would have to be considered the most fortunate of legendary creatures, they have several days a year to be seen without drawing attention to themselves, basically from the beginning of October through the end of the year, in July and a few other times a year.

The only other place that could be considered safe for all of these creatures would be all of the Comic Conventions every year. Is it only coincidence that there are so many Comic-Cons every year? Or is it some kind of meeting place for these creatures that humans are allowed into? It makes one wonder.

I can all ready hear the protests, “What about the rest of the year?” you ask, well I’ll tell you my two theories:

  1. During the rest of the year these mythical, magical, creatures hade in an alternative dimension or a parallel universe, perhaps one per race of creatures, I’m not entirely sure,   but for some reason they have to return to our world (dimension, universe, ect,) once a year.
  2. During the rest of the year, these mythic, legendary, magical creatures are forced to hide among us, mostly working in costume shops, on movie sets or other appropriate places. Vampires have it easiest, they all work as either lawyers or for the IRS.


Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts!

What I think Doctor Who needs

In addition to what I mentioned last week,  I think that the other main problem with Doctor Who is the companions. Since Doctor Who was rebooted in 2005, they have had trouble creating companions for the Doctor that felt real. They did a good job with Rose (I think I lost about a fourth of my readers right there), Donna was decent but not entirely believable (at least another eighth just stopped reading).

I never liked Amy and Rory, they just didn’t fit in for constant companions, maybe once or twice a season would have been enough for them (just lost half of the readers that had been reading since the beginning).

I can’t comment on Martha Jones, I haven’t been able to catch enough of the season with her in it in reruns to have formed a solid opinion of her.

I’ve been watching the Doctors revisited on BBC America since the beginning of the year, I wish they would have more than one episode a month.

From the companions featured in those episodes, I’ve found myself drawn into the old episodes much more than the current episodes. Here’s a few that stick in my mind:

Jamie and Victoria: Companions from the past, a perfect idea! Let the Doctor’s companions be different, have their own view points that might clash with ours today, it would allow us to see how times have changed.

Susan: The Doctor’s granddaughter, I only saw the one episode, but she had the potential to be a unique character, I’d love to see the rest of her episodes.

Ace: The Seventh Doctor’s companion that attacked a Dalek with a baseball bat… what else can be said about her? Well, besides that fact she was an explosives genius and didn’t follow the Doctor’s orders?


There were other companions that I should mention, but these are the most memorable for me.

If the new writers of Doctor Who (as in the writers since it was rebooted)  would look at these older companions, I mean really look at them, they would see quite easily what the modern companions are missing.

Give me companions with good stories, from multiple times, perhaps multiple planets and let them be real, no more cookie cutter companions.


Thanks for reading this (assuming anyone managed to read all of it), I really appreciate it! Please tell me your thoughts below.

Martian New Briefs

Somewhere on Mars:

“These are the system wide new briefs for tonight:

Earth once again takes precedence in our coverage, starting with the announcement that a nation on Earth is celebrating a new heir to their throne. The Emperor released this statement following the news:

We offer our respect to the nation of Briton, Earth. We also wish to make an alliance. If you will shoot down any new attack probes sent at our planet, we shall in turn send you a thousand troops to conquer the rest of your planet.

Our analyst has the official point of view on this statement:

The Emperor only made this offer as we have grown tired of hacking into the attack probes that land and forcing them to broadcast fake scenes. We have attempted to take a reading on Humans intelligence, however they have missed the invasion fleet hidden in most of the pictures we inserted into their probes. Only in a few pictures have they even spotted other signs of our civilization that we provided to entice them.

Now as to what this ‘birth’ means to humankind, according the palace’s chief cloner:

We don’t really know what this term ‘birth’ means, however in ancient tombs we have seen references to it. It seems that it refers to a primitive reproductive process. We no longer known exactly what it means as we have cloned the entire population on Mars for over ten thousand years. We are delving deeper into the matter, but we don’t expect anything to change as of now. Perhaps in a few thousand years we will have more information.

Other news coming up right after this break.”

 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this!

Parallel Universes- a brief explanation

Since I touched on parallel  universes in an earlier post, I thought it might be interesting to expand on it, at least slightly. This way everyone has a slight idea about what I’m talking about so they won’t be confused.

First off, I’ll assume everyone knows what the universe is (or is thought to be if you prefer).

When I talk about parallel  universes, I mean universes that exist concurrent to our own, perhaps they vibrate at a different rate, or maybe our universe is like a single page in a book. I like the last idea best, personally. In this case, parallel or alternate universes can peacefully co-exist with one another, which is much easier to fathom.

I very confusing (or in-depth if you prefer) article on Wikipedia uses yet another term for what I’m writing about, a Multiverse: This might provide you with enough information to make your head spin (if you’re in a universe where peoples heads spin around that is).

While we can’t yet prove that there are multiple universes, I feel confident that there are, why else would there be so many similar ideas floating around?I feel that parallel universes are excellent locations in sci-fi stories.

Speaking about sci-fi stories, I’d me remiss if I didn’t mention ‘Thrice upon a time’ by James P. Hogan, it’s an interesting tale, but the descriptions of the different types of universe that might be out there is amazing, it’s a bit dated now, but it is a book I’d recommend reading just because of the universes discussed in it.

I find alternate\parallel universes a fascinating theory, one that I feel isn’t used often enough if sci-fi. I aim to make use of it in future blog posts, if only to stretch the minds of the people reading my blog.

I hope you’ve found this interesting enough to want to keep learning about parallel universes, I know that I haven’t gone in-depth on the subject, but I honestly don’t consider myself as being knowledgeable enough about it to present any theory of my own here, at least not in a post that I want to keep factual as much as possible… if I didn’t care, I’d simply explain that parallel universes are created whenever a light switch is flipped twelve times in under two seconds while the flipper chants an ancient verse backwards.

 Please leave any comments at all, I’m interested in what you think of this post and what you think about parallel universes.

System wide news briefs for 7-12-2013

Now it’s time for the system wide new alerts in five minutes, covering the whole solar system!


Planet Venus has suffered massive floods due to strange weather. Many Venusians have died, the survival of their race is in doubt if things don’t change soon.


Our reporter on Mars reports that the Martians have declared war on every populated planet in the system,. This could have long-lasting repercussions… if Mars can access their warships, which were accidentally locked into their bays two hundred years ago. The key to unlocking those ships was lost when the Martian who locked them up was killed.


Saturn is seeing normal weather with no change in the foreseeable future.


Jupiter is under attack by a swarm of alien ships from another system. At this time the aliens are already succumbing to Jupiter’s radiation, they are not expected to be a threat to any other planet.


And lastly: Earth is having the most troubles, as normal.

Parts of Earth are at war or just steps away from war.

Other parts of Earth are seeing heavy fires along with heavy floods.

Still other parts of Earth are seeing humans rioting over other riots. We fear that things will get worse, perhaps even riots spawning riots about the riots that started the riots.

Humans on Earth are also arguing about anything and everything.

Human flying ships are catching on fire, causes not yet determined. Updates when we hear more.

Humans are also competing against horned beast in an ancient racing game, the reasons behind this ritual is still unknown.



Pluto is celebrating two hundred years of peace by giving out ray guns, humans suspected of being behind the program, more news as we get it.


Now we return you to your normal program: When Humans attack.

My new quest

I’m on a new quest to read as much old-time, retro, classic (am I missing any terms there?) Sci-Fi as I can. Just how I’m going to accomplish this is something I haven’t given much thought to, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to find some of what I want online. I am also hoping that I’ll be able to find some more old sci-fi books at thrift stores.

I’ll admit that I’m trying to do this on the cheap, I’ve already looked at ebooks on, I’ve found a few, but I was surprised to see so many from earlier than I expected. Other than Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, I didn’t think that sci-fi was really being written before the 1920s.

My goal is to see if I can come up with a definitive list of just what makes old sci-fi so much better than modern sci-fi. I already have some ideas of why I think it’s better, but I want to expand my view of Sci-Fi. I want to find out if I’m missing anything, or if what old-time sci-fi I’ve already read just happens to be the best there is.

Having found out that there were some other very early sci-fi, I’m wondering if the movie Metropolis (1927) was really one of the first Sci-Fi movies or not (I do  realize that there was an earlier version of From the Earth to the Moon). That’s one more thing that I should find out about before my ‘quest’ is finished, or perhaps it’ll be a separate quest.

Thanks for reading!

Old time Sci-Fi

Is something that I just love to read, it’s just so much more fun than what’s written today. Today, Sci-Fi is mostly what’s termed “Military Sci-Fi”, which I don’t enjoy very much at all.

Keep your alien invasions, I doubt many alien races would be stupid enough to want Earth, what with how we’ve polluted it and everything. I really doubt that alien bugs would want it either. Those are the two biggest things I’ve seen in  modern Sci-Fi books I have looked at recently.

Give me that old-time, exploration type, Sci-Fi. Sure, not all of it was like that, there was some violence in it, but most of the time it was… righteous? No… heroic? No… a better way to say it would be fun and not graphic.

That’s the major problem with modern Sci-Fi… and most modern fiction in fact, the violence is graphic, everyone thinks that they have to describe all the blood and guts. It’s not enough to blast a ship into atoms, now you have to describe the people being split into subatomic particles, after all, if you don’t have blood or gore of some kind, you’ve got to have something equally graphic, right?

I’m against this new kind of Sci-Fi, give me the good old Sci-Fi like, oh, Poul Anderson wrote. He could tone down the violence to a tolerable level and still keep you turning the pages. He could create characters good enough to hold ones imagination without resorting to graphic violence or nudity.

There are any number of other old-time Sci-Fi authors  I could mention, but I think you get the idea. It all boils down to one thing, the ‘Golden Age’ of Sci-Fi was in the 30s, 40s, 50s and parts of the following decades when authors that understood how to keep a reader’s attention with low-key approaches, unlike today’s Sci-Fi authors who realize that their story is getting boring and add some blood and death to spice it up.

Can’t we go back to the old-time Sci-Fi? Maybe even throw in a few obsolete technologies for old times sake? Maybe a CRT monitor? Or a computer tape? Or what about Martians?

Thanks for reading this. What do you think? Have times just changed to the point where we need to have all the blood and guts to be entertains? Or have the modern  Sci-Fi writers just let us down?