Cats on a snowy day

As fall begins to slowly transition into winter, you will find that your cat won’t really enjoy the colder weather. In fact cats hate cold weather. There are a few things you can do for your cat, they won’t suddenly love winter, but at least they will be happier.

1: Cover your cat with a blanket. It’s a well known fact that cats love to be warm. Some cats also enjoy being tucked under a blanket to stay warm, but not all. If you’re not sure if your cat likes to be under a blanket, be prepared to be clawed.

2: A cup of hot chocolate for yourself while you give your cat a lap. I suggest a gigantic mug as your cat will spend most of a day on your lap if you let him or her.

3: Play a game with your cat. You have undoubtedly found some food that you and your cat both love, it’s just something that happens. Take that food and hide it, it won’t take your cat long to find it, but it’ll give you the chance to make another cup of hot chocolate.

4: A few cats actually enjoy winter, if your cat is one, go outside and play in the snow, watch as your cat chases snowflakes, build snow mice for your cat to pounce on.

5: play with your cat, this is very important, it’ll keep your cat warm and help them forget about the weather for a while.

6: If none of these tips work, move to a warmer climate, your cat will love it and you’ll never have to deal with snow again.

Do you have any suggestions for helping a cat ignore the cold? Please leave any tips in the comments.
Thanks for reading and keep warm.


Snowy weather

Now we’re in the middle of this winter’s ‘Polar Vortex’ or at least the first one, it’s the favorite term of weather casters right now and they are sure to use it as often as they can.
Regardless of what you call it, the weather is turning colder and colder this week, causing most people to wish for a ‘tropic vortex’ to restore the warmth that we’ve been enjoying for so long.
While that won’t happen, we can all do something to enjoy the weather more, create a new way of telling the temperature, a hot chocolate index. This index will tell you how many cups or mugs of hot chocolate that you need to drink to warm up.
Then again, why should you need need something like that to be able to drink your hot chocolate? Just remember after shoveling snow you must drink at least one mug of hot chocolate, hopefully while you sit back and read a nice exciting comic book.
What kind of comic book goes well with snowy weather? I’m glad you asked that.
As a rule of thumb, super hero comics seem to be more exciting than others, however you might want to consider a good old western comic book, after all, you rarely think of gunfighters traveling thorough snow (though of course they would have). Reading about the baking sun just might warm you up slightly.
Finding the good western comic books is the hard part, but not impossible, good luck!

Thanks for reading. Keep that hot chocolate coming and stay warm!

Alien snow?

With the recent snow in the southern US , some people have noticed that the snow has an odd smell, naturally they decided to try to melt it with fire. The odd thing is that it doesn’t seem to melt.
While there are many people coming up with reasons, such as the snow evaporating. Or the water that melted moving to the center of the snow, I’m worried that there might be something more sinister behind it.
You can easily find people talking about this snow as well as seeing videos on YouTube, I’m not including any links because I can’t find a reliable news source and I don’t want to annoy anyone by linking to their story without approval.

I have a terrifying theory or two myself:

What if this snow is from another planet? Does anyone remember ‘The Waters of Mars’ episode of Doctor Who? What if this is the catalyst that starts a Zombie apocalypse?

All of the videos I saw showed these people bringing the snow into their homes… Sounds slightly like another episode of Doctor Who, doesn’t it? Could it be a weapon developed by terrorists?

Perhaps it’s just odd snow after all, snow from Earth without any foul origin.

Thanks for reading and please comment if you’ve encountered this snow or have a theory of your own.