It’s a Monday in Spring

Spring Mondays are not quite like normal Mondays.

During Spring, we still have hope for our teams as baseball season is just underway.

We also have Summer to look forward to, which means lemonade and ice cream, two things that can make even a Monday look good.

 So sit back, savor that last mug of hot chocolate and dream of Sumer, baseball, lemonade and ice cream.

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A few random thoughts about cats

Has anyone realized that cats would be great spies? Here are a few reasons:

1.They can go anywhere without anyone noticing.
2. If they are discovered, all they would have to do is to roll over and bat some yarn.
3. With their natural ninja like reflexes, they are ready for anything.
4. They can climb anything that they can’t jump on.
5.With modern technology, any collar could be out fitted with a voice transmitter.

With that said, the only drawback is that a string or bag of catnip could turn any cat into a double agent.


It’s amazing how high cats can jump, when you see them jump you realize just much that tail helps their balance.


It’s also amazing to see just how brave and unconcerned some cats are. When you knock things over and they don’t even glance up, you can tell that they feel right at home and safe.
It does make you wonder just what they’d do if something dangerous was coming towards them however.


Some cats have such soft fur while other cats fur isn’t nearly as soft, it’s amazing that there is such a difference between cats.

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A few thoughts about potatoes

Potatos, or potatoes, not even autocorrect can make up its mind about how it should be spelled, I apologize in advance about the inconsistencies in spelling.
Regardless of how you spell potatoes or pronounce the word, there are several interesting things about them.

Potatos are a tuber or course, but the most interesting thing about the plant (at least in my mind) is how it’s related to nightshade and how the leaves everything above ground is poisonous, even potatoes can be slightly toxic if the right conditions occur, but luckily that doesn’t happen very often.
Another interesting thing is that anyone ever saw the plant and decided to breed the tubers to be edible, it must have taken a combination of desperation and determination to do so.

Potatoes are obviously quite useful, everyone eats potatoes in several forms such as fries, chips, mashed or baked, but there also other uses for them as well, such as in starch for thickening sauces,

I hope that this post has given you a few thought on potatoes, please feel free to share your thoughts.