Wacky logic for August 18th

Tonight I’m proving just how illogical logic can be. I hope you get a chuckle from these pieces of logic.

Coffee and doctors

Coffee is a drink.

Coffee is not free.

Doctors don’t work for free.

A doctor can treat a cough.

Therefore a doctor is coffee.

Coffee and Scotch

Coffee is a drink.

Scotch is a drink.

Coffee is served iced.

Scotch is served with ice.

Many people like coffee.

Many people like scotch.

Therefore Coffee is the same as Scotch.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you take these pieces of logic like the humor there are intended as.
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Wacky musings and logic for July 28th

Tonight I have some more wacky logic and thoughts for you. Let’s begin with wacky musings

Wacky musings

You hear people say that something drives them batty, what f a cat drives someone crazy? Would they be driven catty?

If you tap dance in a bar, are you dancing on a beer tap?

If you are washing your clothes and your house burns down, would you tell people you lost your shirt?

Wacky Logic

A car is an automobile.

A tune is a song.

Therefore a Cartoon is a singing car.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got a chuckle from these!
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Wacky musings and logic for June 3rd

If a chip is a piece of something, why is a piece broken off of a potato chip not a chip of a chip but a crumb?

Chocolate should only be eaten late in the day, otherwise it would be called choco-early.

Weather forecasters should be called whether or not forecasters. 

Wacky logic!

Dough is slang for money, 

A nut is someone who is crazy,

There for a doughnut should be someone who’s crazy for money.

If you go on vacation you’re getting away,

Bank robbers also need to get away,

You use a car to get to your vacation,

Bank robbers also use cars to get away,

Vacations cost a lot of money,

Bank robbers steal a lot of money,

Therefore if you go on vacation you have probably just robbed a bank… Or your bank might have robbed you.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve gotten a chuckle from these musings.

Wacky logic for May 22nd

Tonight I’m applying my wacky logic to blogging… You’ll never look at blogging the same again.

Blogging is an odd word.

The word blog originally meant web log.

Blog can be broken into two words, b and log.

A log is a piece of wood.

Lumberjacks cut logs.

Bees live in hives in trees.

Most Bees are drones.

Drones are used to spy on or kill people.

Spiders make webs.

When all of these facts are added up, I’m forced to admit that I’m a cybernetic Bee/Spider hybrid lumberjack drone bent on killing enemies with trees launched from my web.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed this… I also hope my logic is flawed, I’d hate to wake up and find myself a cybernetic mutant.

Wacky logic for May 12th

I’ve got more wacky logic for you tonight, it’s amazing the things you can come up with after a few moments of thought.
Here’s what we’re using tonight:

1: pumpkins.

2: Pi.

3: modern communication technology promotes brevity.

4: mathematicians.

Now add my wacky logic:

Pumpkins are fruits.

Fruits make good pies.

Pi is a mathematical formula.

Cooking involves mathematics.

Mathematics are used by mathematicians.

Mathematicians use computers.

Computers have changed how we communicate.

Modern communications encourage brevity.

Pie could be abbreviated Pi.

Put all of these facts together and you are forced to realize that mathematicians long ago created the perfect recipe for pies and have been hiding them in mathematical formulas for years.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this taste of wacky logic!