February… warmth?

February warmth? This year it is, oddly enough. The weather is strange again this year, however I haven’t heard any complaints yet.

 While the weather has been odd again this year, it’s hard to say what is going to happen tomorrow… even the weather forecasters seldom agree on what tomorrow will bring.


 With the warmer weather, it is unfortunately too warm for hot chocolate right now, but this will change soon, undoubtedly. In the mean time we can still enjoy chocolate chip cookies.


 Another thing we can still enjoy are comic books, no matter what the weather, comic books are always fun, though it is advisable to read them somewhere dry, they tend to get soggy in the rain.


 I’m sorry this post is a bit short. I may skip a few posts over the next few weeks, it depends on several factors, but I am going try to keep posting on the normal nights.

 Thanks for reading!


February begins… a bit chilly 

February began today, it began normally enough, save for being a bit chilly. El Niño has brought plenty of cold weather this winter, it makes you wonder what the rest of the year will be like.


 With the cold weather, it’s a great time to sit back and drink plenty of hot chocolate, just make sure that you have plenty of marshmallows. 

 Hot chocolate chip cookies are something else that you can’t have enough of on these cold February days, consider making them double chocolate by adding some cocoa powder to them, just reduce the flour slightly.


 These cold days are perfect to sit back and plan out everything you want to get done this year, it’s also a good time to plan what you might want to grow in your garden, hot peppers and tomatoes need to be selected this month if you’re growing them from seed.


 I hope you can enjoy your week and stay warm.

Thanks for reading!

January ending

We come to the last week of January, it’s been a month of odd weather, odd events and never ending politics, in other words, it’s been a normal month.

 With January coming to an end, we can easily see several things that make the coming months easier to get through, namely baseball spring training late next month.


 Many people are eager for the super bowl in roughly two weeks, be it for the sport itself or the commercials that will be shown, it’s an event many people live for.


 With the heavy snowfall on the east coast, I can only hope that everyone has plenty of hot chocolate to drink… and warm chocolate chip cookies to eat of course.


Is there anything better than a cup of hot chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie and a comic book to read on a snowy day without a care in the world?


 What comic books are the best for this time of year? While I’d suggest something action packed, some of you reading this might prefer some of the new style comics that have appeared over the past few years, I’m not refers to cartoon comics, those are time tested classics, instead I refer to any of the new comics such as the many that focus on zombies, or are drawn manga style, or any of the numerous other ones that I might not have come across yet. These are diferant from what many think of comics as, but they can still be worth reading if they appeal to you. Read what you enjoy.


I know this post is a bit different from normal, but I’m trying a few new things this year. Feel free to let me knock w what you thing.

Thanks for reading!

I’m back!

I’m back after a week break from blogging. It was nice to take some time away from my blog and ignore stats and likes for a few days. Now that I’ve had a week off, I’m hoping that I can be funnier than I was recently.

 As it has been two weeks since I last wrote about the weather, ice cream and comic books, it would seem that I have a lot to talk about tonight, doesn’t it?

 First I’d like to remind everyone that even though Labor Day has come and gone, ice cream is still in season for a while longer, so don’t forget to try the following flavors before its time to move on to hot chocolate:

  • Vanilla 
  • Chocolate 
  • Mint chocolate chip 
  • Neapolitan 

In the same vain, lemonade is still in season too, while it doesn’t have to be as warm to really enjoy lemonade, it is always best on the warmest days around:

  • Plain lemon
  • Strawberry-lemonade 
  • Cranberry lemonade 

These three are all worth sampling at least once before summer is truly over.

The weather has still been summer like for most of us, but a hint of Fall is in the air, warning us to enjoy these days while we can, for all too soon Winter will join forces with Fall and together they will cause the trees to paint their leaves before they fall to the ground just in time for the first snow storm, and dreams of crisp leaves crunching underfoot will be over for another year.

 It’s always comic book weather though, which is one thing that you can look forward to no matter what the weather and s like, hot or cold, comic books are always there to be read, a guaranteed escape from the events of the world, at least if you pick the right ones.

 Lastly, chocolate chip cookies are about to be in their prime season, while they are harvested from ovens the world over all year lm g, it isn’t until Fall when they are at their peak, like an apple, chocolate chip cookies vary in shape and size, but unlike apples and all fruits, a chocolate chip cookie is always tasty.

 Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding my need last week for a break.

Humor for May 8th

Tonight I have some random humor for you, I hope you enjoy!


While the rain in Spain might be known to fall on certain plains, the rain in Denver is much less selective, it’ll fall everywhere and on anyone.


With this Sunday being Mother’s Day here In the U.S. there are three things you know sell well here in Denver: flowers, candy and snow shovels.

Yes snow shovels, it’s mothers day and that means snow, possibly a lot of it too.


Cats enjoy sun, they don’t like rain very well, that’s a fact everyone knows. A cat that hasn’t seen the sun for most of a week due to rain isn’t happy, two cats that haven’t seen the sun are even less happy.


With the droughts around the world right now, the story about time to rewrite one oft quoted bit of Shakespeare: Mosture, by any other name, would still be wet”

Or “If rain by the bearer of Mosture, drizzle on.”


The only thing worse than a rainy weekend is a rainy weekend without an excuse not to do anything.


If you take the time to watch commercials, you see some strange names, such as a cruise line that is named after a well known historic civilization of Raiders, what’s next? A cruise line called Blackbeard? 


 I hope you got a few chuckles from this post. Thanks for reading!

Marching with a Spring in your step

Now that the ides of March have past, we have Spring dead ahead, soon Winter will be only a figment of our memories… at least until the next storm hits, a storm that may be one last blast of winter, even if it’s a week or more away.

Spring is a good time for many things, a last cup of hot chocolate, cleaning, organizing comic books, trying to create a chocolate lemonaid blend. However it is a great time to start a comic series. It can be simply reading an old series that you never got around to, something new or any mix of the two.

Any kind of comic books are great, whether they are  superhero, cartoon, horror, ghosts or something else entirely, the main thing is to read and enjoy your comic books.

 While the weather season is changing, I feel that we can all agree that one thing that transcends all seasons is chocolate chip cookies. While there are those who sing the praises of oatmeal cookies, I feel confident that is a contest between the two kinds of cookies chocolate chip would win hands down.

This is also the time of year that cats begin going crazy, however you might not notice much difference, save for your cats begining to shed their winter coat. It’s still necessary to keep playing with them, however, playing with your cat will keep them worn out so they can’t plot world domination… orat least plan to keep you around if they do. 

In conclusion, I hope everyone can enjoy the begining of spring, also don’t forget to eat corn with your beef tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

Weather terminology explained

Tonight I’m going to explain the secrets behind weather terminology, these are the secrets that that weather forecasters (a.k.a. meteorologists) don’t want you to know.

Partly cloudy
There might be enough clouds to hide the sun, but you could still see some light.

Partly sunny
There should be some sun, but there should be a few clouds… unless the sun is obscured, in which case the sn is out somewhere within a few hundred miles.

Isolated showers
There’s going to be rain, or at least a few drizzles, you might not see them, most people might not, but somewhere within the county or country there will be rain showers.

We’re going to get snow! It just might not be much and you might not see t, unless we get a foot of snow, in which case it’s all due to a change in the jet stream and not how I read the data.

Batten down the hatches! The wind is going to blow and nothing is safe, but it’s not windy yet!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
If you’d like to see some other weather terminology defined, let me know in the comments.

A slight warm up

As the Polar Vortex retreats for the moment, everyone can let out a sigh of relief as warmer weather returns for a while.
When the weather changes like this, I’m reminded of comic books, either a mini-series within a regular series, where the evil doer(s) pretend to be defeated, but really have just unleashed a doomsday weapon, or when a character that was killed of is revealed to still be alive and fighting super criminals under a new name.
Even if you don’t see parallels between weather events and comic books, you likely started growing (at least slightly) used to the colder weather.
The only unfortunate thing about the warmer weather is that you have fewer reasons to drink as much hot chocolate.
The coming weeks will offer more chances for hot chocolate, as well as comic books to read.
With this late year warm up, you can read any kind of comic books you enjoy, everything goes well right now, in fact with the upcoming holidays, you might want to get as much comic reading time in as you can.
Enjoy the weather, enjoy the comic books and keep drinking that hot chocolate no matter what.
Thanks for reading!

Nice early Fall weather

Now that Fall has been few for a few weeks, we’re starting to see how the weather is playing out, so far we see few surprises: warm days and cooler days mixed together, rain mostly but the threat of snow lurks, thinly veiled, waiting up in the mountains where cooler weather prevails.
This is perhaps the nicest weather of the year, warm enough to do things outside and cool enough to enjoy it. While there are always more than enough things to do, this is the time of year everyone should make an effort to enjoy.
Take the time to sit outside with a glass of apple cider and a good comic book, enjoy the feel of paper in your hands while you read the finely wrought comic, be amazed at the artwork, whether it’s so realistic you can’t believe it, or if it is so overstylized that it’s hard to read without laughing, whether the art looks flat or nearly jumps off the page at you. Immerse yourself into the story until you look up a half hour later and wonder where the time went for a fraction of a second before wondering what’s going to happen in the next issue.
For that is one of the amazing things about comic books; that so many people can combine their talents into building one single issue that can take you on an adventure without coming apart at the seems.
But as with every season, we must realize that these days are numbered, the seasons keep changing an all too soon the leaves will have fallen, the weather will be cold and snowy and we will soon be forced to sit inside drinking hot chocolate and reading our comics while we dream of spring, which draws ever nearer.

Thanks for reading.
Any typos in this post are most likely caused by a cat who is learning to type.

My wisdom

It’s been cold here in Denver, so cold that I thought the internet would freeze. The latest cold snap had left me with time to ponder things, here are a few words of wisdom I’ve thought up:

Weather forecasts are never right… Until you don’t want them to be.

A watched pot only boils after you’ve found something else to do while you’re waiting.

If you don’t want to do something, offer to do it next week, if it’s important someone else will do it, otherwise it’ll wait another week

The best way to waste time is to try to think of something to do.

It’s never too cold for hot chocolate.

I hope you find these words of wisdom both humorous and thought provoking.
Thanks for reading!