This blog is a journey of mine.

That’s how I’ve been thinking about my blog for over a year. It’s a continuing journey of mine, I’m constantly trying out new ideas for posts, that said, I’ve found myself falling into habits with certain kinds of posts every week. Monday nights I talk about a lot of things: foods, cats, comic books and more. I post jokes every Wednesday. On Saturday nights I show you how to ruin foods.

What will tomorrow bring you might ask. As I’m writing this on a Saturday night, probably nothing as I seldom post on Sundays, however anything is possible.

Now I’ve added a second blog, a blog devoted to the books I read. Please take a look at it: https://colinscritiques.wordpress.com/

I find blogging an amazing journey and I thank you for taking the time to join me on my exploration of the blogosphere.

Colin Noel-Johnson

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