A few ideas for storing things

The following are a few ideas of mine for how to store certain things:


How to properly keep charging cables:


If it’s a device you plan on charging everyday, you should keep your charging cable by an outlet, it’ll be handy and you won’t lose it.

If it’s for a device you won’t be charging every day or so, place it on a box that you’ll end up bumping into everyday when you go to charge another device, that way you’ll always know where it is… until the day you need to charge that device, by that day the charging cable will have fallen off the box and vanished, you most likely decided to move it to keep it safe. Now you’ll be able to enjoy a multi-hour long search, culminating in giving up on the cable as lost.

The missing cable should reappear approximately two minutes after you get a new one, it is suggested that you place your now spare charging cable in a safe place and forget about it.


How to keep backups of your data safe:


When storing a backup disc, it should contain all of your most important data (such as your minesweeper score), be on a good brand of disc (nearly any brand of floppy is recommended) and be placed in direct sunlight where it can also freeze (remember, if your data is frozen, it should last longer!). It should also be encrypted with a 1000 letter pass-code that you remember.

Should you ever need to access a disc stored in this manner, you will be able to blame the low quality of the disc instead of ow you stored it or the fact that you can’t remember your pass-code.


Cat treats: how to store them:


Always remember that cat treats should be stored where a cat can get to them easily, that way you only have to keep them on hand, your cat will manage to get the bag open and devour the whole package when they feel like it.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

This post is intended as humor, if you do store things like this, I am not held responsible for missing items.


Why I’m willing to take a risk without anti-virus software

Tonight I just removed the anti-virus software from my laptop. It was a very easy decision to make, oddly enough, here are my reasons:


  • The anti-virus software I used slowed my laptop down to the point I couldn’t even use it.
  • It took five minutes for Firefox to load.
  • When my laptop started up, the screen would flash at an odd time, causing me concern that something was going wrong with it.
  • It took twice as long to shut down.


My experience uninstalling it:


  • The uninstalling process took twenty minutes.
  • It warned me that it was being uninstalled.
  • It warned me that by uninstalling it I was putting my computer at risk.
  • It sat without a moving progress bar so long that I thought it was stuck.


Next time, if I find myself needing to remove anti-virus software (or really any software) just a few days after I install it, I’ll seriously consider just using System Restore instead.

Of course that assumes that I don’t just get a Mac, something that gains appeal every day.

I’m accepting that I’m taking a risk with my laptop, but I’m comfortable with the level of risk I’m taking. The only thing that I use it for (right now at least) is for blogging and dealing with some email.

I do plan on downloading a stand alone, not always on anti-virus program to run every week or so, in addition to that, I’ll do my best to practice safe browsing. I’ll most likely also try to optimize any settings that I can to improve my security.



Thanks for reading!


A few random thoughts

Tonight I have a few random thoughts to share with you, they might make you stop and think, they might make you laugh, they might annoy you, or maybe they will bore you to death.

Are you ready to find out?


First thought:


Why are laptops so hard to use? The keyboard is slightly shifted from a normal desktop keyboard, which makes it quite easy to miss a key, I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time, but it’s still annoying. Also I keep having to stop and fix what I’m writing, somehow while I’m typing, I’m not sure when or how, I’ll glance up and see that I’m typing on another line.

Also why is the trackpad in the center of the laptop? Why not place it to one side and add a slider switch to turn it on and off, then you wouldn’t keep bumping it and having the cursor flying around the screen.

Perhaps these two annoyances are one in the same, it’s quite possible I guess.


Second thought:


Why does pita bread always rip? You are supposed to be able to cut it in half and open it up so you can stuff it, even if you manage to open it up, as soon as you put anything inside it, the bottom always rips out. Who ever decided it was supposed to be opened up in the first place?


Third thought:ic books are still worth something even without a cover? Look on eBay and  you’ll find dozens of listings for comics without covers.  Those are almost worthless…unless it’s so rare of an issue that even without a cover it’s worth a few bucks, but those comics are going to be so rare that nearly no one will ever see such a comic.


Forth thought:


Beer comes from grains, Root beer sounds like it should come from roots, so why isn’t there a stem beer? Or a leaf beer? Who missed this market?


I’ll leave you with these thoughts for tonight… oh, one more thing: to the NSA reader who’s going to suggest my Leaf beer idea to his or her brother and rake in millions of dollars, please at least like this post.


Thanks for reading!


Why do people think that com


What Apple should consider doing

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I believe that Apple should look into buying AMD. It makes sense from all angles:

  1. It would give Apple full control over their chips, no more contracting with other companies.
  2. It would satisfy Apple stockholders who dislike Apple holding onto their profits.
  3. Apple could control rumors of inventory better, they wouldn’t have a company bragging about Apple ordering another ten million chips.
  4. Apple could keep tight reins on quality control.
  5. ADM all ready has factories in place, it would be an easy way for Apple to get into the market of developing their own chips.
  6. An ADM plant could most likely be retrofitted to produce a large enough number of ARM based chips for all of Apple’s needs.


There is only one large hurdle that Apple would face, besides convincing ADM to be bought out, that would be if Intel decided to complain to the government about it and it would trigger an anti-trust lawsuit, which I doubt would happen.

While I don’t really see this as happening, it makes much more sense than for Apple to buy out Dell or HP, both ideas which I believe I’ve read within the past year or so, offered up by other ‘experts’ who most likely have as much knowledge of the inter workings of Apple as I do.


 Now for today’s wacky conspiracy rumor:

I believe that a FBI informant will leak a secret document to the press that will reveal that Baseball players are secretly working to ban Hockey players from getting dental care. It will be revealed that the FBI learned of this plot from an NSA bug planted inside either a bat or a baseball.


 Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed it!


The next step of my Linux experiment

The next step of my Linux experiment is an ambitious one. I’ve briefly read about how to put multiple versions of Linux on one thumb drive. I’m going to read up on this and make sure I understand how to do it this week.

I want to do this so I can experiment with different distros before I commit myself to one for an old computer I’m hoping to get running again soon. I have two, really, an old low powered one that I’m going to end up searching for an OS with low enough system requirements to run. My other computer is a much faster one, but I need to find some more memory for it before I bother working on it.

I’m hoping to make a few minor decisions regarding which versions of Linux I’m going to try within the next week. I’m planning to dedicate a post to the versions of Linux and why I chose them, hopefully that will be within the next week.

I’m open to suggestions if anyone has one.

Not off to a good start

My grand experiment trying out Linux isn’t off to the best start, I tried twice on Saturday night to create a live USB disk.

The first time I missed something (I guess…) and the files were corrupted. I’ll admit that the fault was mine, I didn’t see where it said it was corrupted.

The second time I tried a different distro, unfortunately that one was too advanced for my hardware.

Tonight I’m trying the first one I wanted again, with any luck my download won’t be corrupted tonight and I’ll be able to try it out tomorrow night.

I’ll keep you posted on my experiment.