The end… Of September 

The end is nigh, the end of September that is. This has been a month of transitioning from summer to fall, however nature didn’t remember and the month was more summer like than fall like.

 Which means that this next month will likely see a sudden cool down with rain turning to snow that will leave sidewalks dangerous to navigate, such is the change of seasons.

  A few things never change however, such as how delicious chocolate chip cookies are, how relaxing a nice cold glass of lemonade of a warm day is and how fun comic books can be to read.

 Can you ever read a comic book just once? Yes, depending on if you like it or not and how many more you have to read.

Comic books are like pieces of candy, you can’t just have one, you keep wanting just a bit more, just one more taste of the excitement that comes with each one. Some are sweet, some are so sour that they turn your stomach, yet you keep coming back just to see if it was really so bad.

 Alas, with the coming of fall and winter, the opportunities  to relax and enjoy the weather while either eating ice cream or chocolate chip cookies while reading a comic book will be limited, take advantage of the few opportunities  that you have, for soon there will be no more until spring.

  Enjoy these last few days of nice weather while you can, but always keep in mind that once the weather turns cold, there will be plenty of hot chocolate to drown your sorrows in.

Thanks for reading!


Fairwell August, until we meet again next year…

August is all but over, which is why I’m forced to say that the penultimate month of summer has come to an end.

 August was an odd month this year, a month of extremes, hot highs that caused droughts and cool lows that have prompted warnings that fall and winter are coming early this year.

 One thing that August didn’t have was much moisture, it’s been a dry month all my over. Some rain would have been appreciated, instead there were a few clouds and plenty of haze from wildfires.

 The best part of this past month, in my opinion, had to be ice cream, although how can you go wrong with ice cream? At least if the flavor a are those you enjoy.

 However we are now moving, slowly but surely, into hot chocolate season, so make sure you get your fill of ice cream before it’s too late!

 Comic books are also an item that goes hand in hand with summer, don’t you think? While they are great all year long, there is something about comic books in the summer that makes them twice as pleasant.

One thing that the forthcoming Fall has going for it is the rash of fools politicians trying to inflate hot air balloons debating their positions on policies that have so many hidden items that they say and do something entirely different are confusing even to the people who wrote them. The coming political season (which at current count will be 14+ months long) has the added bonus of helping to offset a possible cold winter.

 However politics are not what I wanted to talk about tonight, I really wanted to discuss the sweet tanginess of lemonade.

Lemonade is another one of those things normally considered a summer treat, even though there isn’t any law against drinking it all year long, it is something most of us wait all winter to taste again the sweet, tangy, tart goodness of lemonade is one taste that nothing can quite compare with, especially on a hot summer day with the sun beating down on you.

 So as summer winds down, kick back and enjoy those last glasses of lemonade and the last bowls of ice cream, it’ll be months before you can begin to enjoy them again.

 What is your favorite part of summer that you’ll miss during the winter?

 Thanks for reading.

Fall leafs

Fall leafs, is there anything as mysterious as leaves crunching underfoot?
We’re finally far enough into Fall that many leaves have fallen from their trees.
Dry leaves crunching under foot, rustling against one another as you kick them out of your way. Can you think of anything as relaxing to do wile you wonder what’s going to happen next in your favorite comic book?
Will the heroes urrvive? Will the arch enemy fail once again? Will some animal outwit the poor hunter?
The answer to all those questions is yes, if it’s not you aren’t reading a normal comic book.
While comic books are semi formulaic, there is something quite relaxing about reading them, so what if the endings are seldom a big surprise, it’s the journey of flipping page after page, reading panel after panel, that can distract you from the cares of the world for a time.
These are the days of fall that are among the pleasantest, of Fall and possibly the entire year.
However it is the last half of October, which means that people become strange, they say and act unusual, perhaps they are merely excited about Halloween and are getting into the mood early… or perhaps they are falling under the spell of an evil witch, a blood thirsty vampire or even are about to suddenly become an undead zombie!
Yes, these are the best days of the year, just keep a stake at the ready, a pail of water near and something silver at hand. You can never be too careful.
If you don’t feel like taking those precautions, sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and a favorite comic book with your doors locked. Just keep the wolfsbane in the windows and you should be fine.

Thanks for reading.

How to keep a cat happy in Fall

As the warm part of the year draws to an end, you likely will notice your cat(s) beginning to get restless, look for sunny windows and overall just act strangely.
However you can take actions to keep your cat or cats amused, which is important.
The most important thing to do is to keep your cat active, to the end I have the following suggestions:

1. Hide small piles of catnip behind fragile objects on high shelves, this has the added benefit of giving your cat a chance to watch you clean up the mess.
2. Buy a number of life like toy mice and hide them. Your cats will find them and leave them where you will trip over them in the middle of the night and think it is a real mouse, which will entertain your cat for hours.
3. Give your cat a bath, he will find it fascinating to watch you tend your wounds.
4. Leave a bag of dry food slightly open, your cat will find a way to get it open and help herself to a tasty snack.
5. Start playing a game with your cat with treats, try tossing the treats to your cat.

If everything else fails, give your cat a nice soft blanket to sleep on in his or her favorite window.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this post.
Feel free tocomment, I’d enjoy hearing your suggestions.

Nice early Fall weather

Now that Fall has been few for a few weeks, we’re starting to see how the weather is playing out, so far we see few surprises: warm days and cooler days mixed together, rain mostly but the threat of snow lurks, thinly veiled, waiting up in the mountains where cooler weather prevails.
This is perhaps the nicest weather of the year, warm enough to do things outside and cool enough to enjoy it. While there are always more than enough things to do, this is the time of year everyone should make an effort to enjoy.
Take the time to sit outside with a glass of apple cider and a good comic book, enjoy the feel of paper in your hands while you read the finely wrought comic, be amazed at the artwork, whether it’s so realistic you can’t believe it, or if it is so overstylized that it’s hard to read without laughing, whether the art looks flat or nearly jumps off the page at you. Immerse yourself into the story until you look up a half hour later and wonder where the time went for a fraction of a second before wondering what’s going to happen in the next issue.
For that is one of the amazing things about comic books; that so many people can combine their talents into building one single issue that can take you on an adventure without coming apart at the seems.
But as with every season, we must realize that these days are numbered, the seasons keep changing an all too soon the leaves will have fallen, the weather will be cold and snowy and we will soon be forced to sit inside drinking hot chocolate and reading our comics while we dream of spring, which draws ever nearer.

Thanks for reading.
Any typos in this post are most likely caused by a cat who is learning to type.

Early Fall days

We’re still in the early days of Fall, right when the last vestiges of summer are vanishing and the first cool days appear.
These are the days that will be fondly remembered in the coming weeks and months when Winter strikes, that’s when we shall be recalling these days witfully.
Right now, as the days begin to cool, it’s still too warm for hot chocolate (if such a thing is possible), perhaps tea is a more fitting drink for these early Fall days.
Yes, a nce, crisp fall day should be enjoyed with good food, a nice slightly warm drink and a good comic book. This is the time of year to begin reading more exciting comic books, not the pulse pounding comics, save those for the dead of winter when you can get caught up in the life or death struggle of your favorite heroes and ignore the weather for a time.
A nce, exciting but not too exciting comic book fits the Fall bill right now, one where you know right away that the hero or heroine survives and saves the world (or universe as the case may be).
So enjoy these early Fall days, Enjoy the changing leaves, the cooler waether, the Fall food treats, they will vanish all too soon.

Thanks for reading.

Jokes for September 24th

I’ve got several jokes for you tonight. It’s a new season, so forgive me if this post falls flat.


What hobby picks up toward the end of September?
Parachuting, it’s best in the fall.

What season is always getting blamed for anything that goes wrong?
Autumn, it’s always taking the fall.

What does a base jumper do in the autumn when accused of cooking the books?
He takes a fall.

What does a cat on a tethering stack of books have in common with a year?
It’s going to have a fall.


A parachute manufacturer suddenly declared bankruptcy, it had fallen from grace.

The four seasons met at a restaurant for dinner. It was Autumn’s birthday again and it thought it was being given a party, until the check came, none of the other seasons had any money, so autumn was forced to pay. It realized that it had, once again, fallen for the old fake party gag.


How do you realize that Summer is over?
When you have a great fall.

How do leaves know when to change their color?
They just fall into it.


Why is autumn the opposite of Spring?
What goes up must come down.

Why is a cracked tablet screen like a year?
It has a fall.

remember this one?

Going into the end of the season, a baseball team was on top of the standngs. Then came the bad news, virtually every star on the team was injured. Fifteen games later, with the season hanging in the balance, the manager turned to the replacement players and said “No matter the out come of these last games, we’re going to have a great fall. Either winning the World Series or on the golf course.”

Did you enjoy these jokes? Did you fall for any of them?
Please feel free to comment!
Thanks for reading!

Now it’s Fall

Now it’s offical, it’s Fall. Summer is over and now everything begins to change.
First the leaves change colors, after a few days of colorful leaves the trees give up until next Spring and we find ourselves knee deep in dry leaves.
Next the weather turns cooler… a bit of snow may coat the ground after a while. Then it’s suddenly time to think about all of the holidays that are coming up.
Before you know it, it’ll be Winter and everyone will be waiting until Spring hits again.
However, this is the time to enjoy the sight of colorful leaves, maybe with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, or a good candybar.
This is the perfect season for chocolate candy bars, it’s cool enough that they won’t melt, but warm enough that they don’t freeze. A candybar, a cup of hot chocolate and a comic book to read, what could be better?
It’s also the time of year that cats enjoy a lot as they have a high chance of… shall we say living toys? infiltrating your home, giving them hours of fun, if your cat can get over the lack of sunlight, that is.

I hope everyone reading my blog had a nice Summer and I hope that you are looking forward to Fall. I’m looking forward to bring you more of my humor this Fall, as well as my wacky logic and thoughts, plus I might have a few interesting posts coming up in the next few months.
Tomorrow I’ll give you a few suggestions for easy cat toys you can make yoourself.
Thanks for reading!

The best time of the year?

We’re getting down to the last days of summer now. It’s starting to be easier to see the signs that Fall and Winter is coming. However there are a few good things that are happening right now:

1: Hot chocolate in the morning, Lemonade in the afternoon.
2: The sun goes down early, which is a great excuse to waste the evenings doing what you want without feeling like you need to be busy.
3: It’s warm enough for hot dogs and cool enough (some days) for soup.
4: You can still eat ice cream while reading comic books.
5: You can drink hot chocolate while reading comic books.
6: You don’t need ice for your water.

These are all good reasons to enjoy this time of year, however it isn’t perfect by any means. We have to worry about how rough of a winter it might be, or how mild.
We have to realize that next week we might be shoveling two feet of snow, or that we might not have any snow until December.
There is no perfect time of day to have hot chocolate and ice cream at the same time. If you do try it, any comic book you’re reading will most likely be ruined, I do not suggest this.
I suppose that the one thing that this time of year is good for a meal of soup, salad and sandwish.

So there you have it, this may be a great time of year, but is it the best time of the year? that is a question that doubt will ever be answered definitively.
What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

What now?

What now… that is the question everyone should be asking themselves right now. Summer is unofficially over, Fall hasn’t really begun yet, so we’re trapped in a period of nothingness it seems.
What now? The season for ice cream and lemonade is all but over as well, so we can’t even drown our sorrows in them, nor can we use either as a means to waste time waiting for Fall to arrive.
What now, you ask? I’ll tell you what: comic books and candybars. Those are two things that never go out of season (at least if you don’t mind chocolate smudges on your comic books in the heat of Summer that is).
As we are between Summer and Fall, it’s a perfect time to go and read a comic book you’ve never read before while munching on a candy bar you haven’t had in a while.
Don’t limit yourself to a modern comic book, look at the old ones, there are more comic books than you can shake a rolled up comic book at (please don’t try it, it only ruins the comic book).
The same goes with candy bars, while you could stick with the same old candy bar you’ve eaten all year, why not look around and try something you’ve never tried before? You might find a new favorite.

However, if you’re like me, you’ll just sit back, laugh at anyone who says you can’t eat ice cream after Labor Day and enjoy you ice cream sandwich while reading a comic book, aways keeping a candy bar within reach. for when the ice cream runs out… now if we could just do something about the old comic book series that are long gone…

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.