R.I.P. Deborah Watling

The actress Deborah Watling has died, she was 69.
While best known for her role on Doctor Who, she was also in several other tv shows, including The Invisible Man tv show. She was also active in theater productions.

While not many of the episodes of her appearances on Doctor Who remain, she will forever be remembered for her role as Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who,

Deborah Watling, you will be missed.

Ask a cat, week twenty seven

It’s that time of the week again, time to ask a cat some questions! I have a few good questions this week, hopefully I’ll get a chance to ask them, but wth these cats, they know how to change the topic. I hope you enjoy!


Agent 028? Where’s Wild Buffalo Betty? I thought you were both going to be here tonight?

 We were, but I’m here early, I’m retired now.


You’re retired? You gave up being a secret agent?

 No… not that i ever was one.


Than why did you say you’re retired?

Well, I was tired yesterday, I slept for maybe eighteen hours or so, then I spent all day hunting and playing, now I’m tired again, so I’m retired.


Oh, I see… you’re pulling your bad comedian act on my blog again!

 Thank you very much, ladies and germs!


“I think we should change topics now, Agent 028.

 I almost flew in today, but I didn’t have any wings! I ate them!


Agent 0281 How do you disarm a mouse?

You take away his guns! Har har!


Are you finally ready to be serious?

Not yet! Why did the chicken cross the road?


To get to the other side?

To get away from a hungry cat!


That’s not even funny.

It is if you’re a cat! Now how many….


Oh gee, look at the time! It’s time for catnip!

Cat nip? Catnip? Yes! Did yah say catnip? Am ah in time?


Wild Buffalo Betty! You’re too lat tonight, would you mind doing this tomorrow?

 Only if’en ah get catnip both nights!


Deal! Just don’t try to crack any jokes tomorrow night, okay?

Ah only crack eggs.


Thank you for reading this tonight, I’m sorry it didn’t go quite the way I expected it to. Tomorrow night I’ll have Wild Buffalo Betty and she’ll be answering a few questions on her own. Goodnight everyone!

Ask a human, week four

Agent 028 here, I’m about to question the human known as Colin, a.k.a. Mageowl, he’s been good at evading questions before, tonight I hope to trick him…


Colin, where were you ten hours from now?

 Huh? You mean where was I? Or where will I be?


Just answer the question!

How can I answer it if you won’t tell me just what you are asking?’


Very well… I see I’ll have to get rough with you!’

 Hey! Get your tail out of my face!


Now maybe you’ll tell me just why you were trying to sleep last night when I wanted my ear scratched?

 Because it was the middle of the night?


A ha! So you admit it! You admit to sleeping at night?

 Sure, nearly everyone does, you do too, Agent 028.


That doesn’t matter, I’m better than anyone else… dang it, here comes Wild Buffalo Betty! I’ve got to run!

 Huh? Why do you alway run away when she comes around?


Hi y’all, Hi colin. Agent 028 left? That’s probably because he owes me a mouse.

He owes you a mouse? Did he go rustling on your mouse ranch?


Ah thought it was ask a human day, not ask a cat night!

 You’re right, go ahead and ask me a question.


Am ah a pretty kitty? Aren’t ah cute? Don’t ya want to give me some catnip?

 Sigh, I know the real reason you came, Wild Buffalo Betty, you want catnip. Oh alright, let’s get you some catnip. Too bad Agent 028 left, he could have finished this post, I’ll have to come back later…



 Agent 028 here, my plot worked perfectly, I now know the secret location where the catnip is hidden. Wild Buffalo Betty played her part purrfectly, Tomorrow night, Operation Catnip Plunder goes into effect.

 Agent 028 over and out.

Ask a cat, week twenty six

Thanks for joining me tonight after a week off, okay maybe it was more than a week. Tonight I have Wild Buffalo Betty here to answer a few questions!


Thanks for agreeing to join me tonight, Wild Buffalo Betty, for week twenty six of ask a cat!

 Week twenty six? Shouldn’t that have been last week? Ah thought you had given up this series, Agent 028 thought so too.


Valid point, Betty, but I’m still calling it week twenty six, maybe episode twenty six or the twenty sixth edition would be better though.

 How about an all new title? Say: The foolish things cats put up with for catnip.


How about we skip debating the title and get down to the questions?

 Oh fine, if we must… Ah just hope the catnip is fresh.


Which do you prefer? French fries or coleslaw?

 Which one has catnip? Joking, ah prefer French fries if thar greasy enough, ah just love lickin’ fry grease from mah paws.


Interesting… next question, do you prefer twitter or instagram?

 Twitter of course, ah just love the birdies.


Now for a question that all Doctor Who fans will debate, which Doctor is your favorite?

It a good show, ah’ve enjoyed most of the episodes Ah’ even watched, but ah prefer the First Doctor, if only because of his best companion.


Which companion was that? Barbara? Susan? Ian?

No… not even close, Dorothea Chaplet!


Oh, you mean Dodo?

Yes, Dodo, like ah said earlier, ah like the birdies.


Okay… that answer threw me for a loop.

Really? I yawned, would you mind doing another loop?


I think we’re done for tonight. Do you have any last words for our readers tonight?

Sure! You go get the catnip and I’ll finish up here!


Sorry, Betty, but there’s no catnip tonight, you and Agent 028 finished it last night.

 No catnip? No catnip? Nooooo!


I guess it’s up to me to finish this after all, Wild Buffalo Betty just ran off.

 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, for Wild Buffalo Betty, I’m Colin, aka Mageowl, saying goodnight!

Cooking with Agent 028

You’re likely wondering why I agreed to do a post on this blog by myself. I can assure you I’m not being bribed with catnip like another cat on here… still if Wild Buffalo Betty can do a cooking post, so can I!

 Today I’d like to show you how to cook a favorite meal of mine… you might want to know the name of it, but that’s classified.

Here’s how you start:

 Take a certain amount of a certain meat, prepare it in a secret manner only known to twenty cats in the world and heat it in an oven at a redacted temperature.

 Now while that is cooking, take a (censored) and slice it in half with a chef’s knife. Dice it in to exactly x number of pieces and sauté in a pan. I’d like to tell you what size pan and what type of oil to use, but I’d have to kill you if I did… aren’t I cute? That’s my secret weapon you know, lethal cuteness.

 Now let’s make a nice sauce to mix everything together in. Take a jar of something I can’t reveal, add it to the pan and mix until everything is well combined. Simmer it until it’s a classified thickness, then place a lid on the pan and take it off the heat, it should be at perfect secret temperature in just a few minutes.

 It’s now been a set length of time since the meat has been in the oven, it’s ready, now we mix everything together and it’s ready to eat!

Now that’s my favorite dish, what’s yours?

Ask a cat, week twenty five

I’m here tonight with Wild Buffalo Betty, she’s graciously agreed to answer a few questions… however I think she’s going to ask for something.


Thanks for joining me tonight, Wild Buffalo Betty.

 Ah’m happy to be here, Colin, as happy as a cat in a field of catnip.


That’s… an interesting analogy, very colorful.

 Ah reckon not, everyone knows catnip is supposed to be green.


True… now on to something else involving a lot of green, what do you think about Amazon buying out Whole Foods?

 Ah think it’s a fine thing… least as long as they deliver lots of cat treats and plenty of catnip.


I’m sure they deliver both of those already. You seem preoccupied with catnip tonight.

 Catnip? Catnip? Y’all want to give me catnip right now? Oh alright, even if it means not answering more questions tonight, ah’ll make that sacrifice for you.


Somehow I think you’re the one who wants catnip… oh okay, you and those eyes. Let’s get you some catnip… but first do you have any parting words?

 Ah surely do! Goodnight, goodnight, parting is such sweet sorrow…. now where’s my catnip?


Goodnight everyone, thanks for reading! Feel free to post questions in the comments for either cat to answer next week.

Ask a human, week three

Hi y’all, Ah’m Wild Buffalo Betty, it’s my turn to ask Colin some questions this week…  ah cant wait to hear his answers!


Hi Collin, Ah’m glad ya could join me to answer a few questions, are ya ready? 

I’m ready, Betty! I can’t wait to hear the questions you have for me!


Ah’m glad to hear that, Colin, for Ah reckon Ah’ve got a few good ones that might stump ya tonight!

 Stump me? This isn’t a game!


First. Question: What is the sum total of wild mice in the house?

None, you’ve domesticated them, haven’t you?


Correct1 Next question, this one is worth ten belly rubs! How many cattle would a cat rustle if a cat could rustle cows?

 None, cats are too smart, you’d get me to do it somehow.


Correct! You may now pet my belly… or you can risk everything and answer another question!

 I guess I’ll risk it, what’s your next question?


Where is the catnip?

The catnip is put away where you will never find it, Wild Buffalo Betty! You can have some once we’re done.


Sorry! That answer is incorrect! Ah have the catnip right here!

 What? how.. you couldn’t have…it was in a closed drawer!


Better luck next time, Colin! Thanks for playing our game tonight! Ah’m sure everyone was rootin’ for ya!

Goodnight everyone, Ah’m Wild Buffalo Betty saying move ’em out!

Jokes for June 22nd 

Sorry about the jokes being a bit rare this month. I’ll do my best tonight, I hope you enjoy!


What do you get if you cross a baseball with a football?

I’m not sure, but it won’t work for either sport.


What did the spy say to the chef at the burger place?

I need the recipe to the secret sauce!


Why did the spy make a good chef?

He was always able to acquire secret recipes.


Why was the say turned chef irreplaceable?

He was the only one with clearance to the recipes.


Why did the spy decide to become a short order chef?

He wanted to come in from the cold.


I hope you enjoyed these jokes, thanks for reading!