2016 Christmas themed game updates

This year has fewer games with Christmas themed updates than last year, at least so far, I’m hopeful that the next few days will see more games release new updates.





We’ll start with an old favorite, Hayday. For the past several years Hayday had had the best holiday updates, unfortunately this year it seems to be lacking. There are still the same decorations that there were last year, but nothing new. However there are rumors of an update coming in the next few days, with luck there will be new decorations.




 I have to thank Jennifer Paetsch from http://lmgcomic.com/ for getting me hooked on this game around Halloween, it’s quickly become one of my favorite games.

 As this is my first year playing HappyStreet, everything is new to me. There are several tasks to be completed, daily gifts and even sleighs to stop before they drive out of sight.

I haven’t gotten very far in getting all the special Christmas buildings in yet, however I haven’t been disappointed in this game yet.


Jetpack Joyride 
 Jetpack Joyride was the first game I saw to get their Christmas theme up this year. While there isn’t anything new to buy in it, all of the evil scientists are dressed up with mistletoe and wreaths. There are also other decorations on the background. 




Hopefully I’ll have another post with more games next week.

 Thanks for reading!

Jokes for December 7th

Another week, another joke. I’m just getting warmed up with winter themed jokes, I hope you enjoy!




What happened when the village of snow people had a party?

It turned into a snow ball.


 Why did the reindeer attack the entryway ?

Because it wanted to deck the hall.


How did the snowman politician deal with the political uncertainty?

He didn’t, he just froze.




I hope you enjoyed these jokes, I’ll have more next week. Thanks for reading!

Jokes for Wednesday, November 30th

I promised you some jokes last night and Deby Fredericks from https://wyrmflight.wordpress.com/ offered me a seemingly simple one: Why did the turkey cross the road?
 Here are a number of answers to the joke:


Joke – start



Why did the turkey cross the road?



Joke – Answers:



Because it was easier to cross the road than the mashed potatoes.


To get to the gravy.


Because there was a hungry cat chasing him.


Because he saw a cob of corn over there and couldn’t wait to gobble it up.


He was a bit confused because the directions he received said it was ‘twelve miles how the crow flies.’


The road was better than the green bean casserole.


Because it wasn’t a chicken.


To the turkey, it was better to run the risk of crossing the road than to be sauced like the cranberries.


Because there was an all you can eat buffet and he wanted to be stuffed.


Some scientists argue that the turkey was standing still and the road moved underneath him.


Does it really matter what the turkey’s motives were when we could instead debate what political party it belonged too?


Debating the motives of a turkey is nearly as difficult as determining why a road was built in an area previously designated for turkey crossings.


The real question should be if there was a car coming.


It was trying to get to a turkey trot.




I hope you enjoyed these answer to tonight’s joke. I’d like to thank Deby Frederick’s for the start to tonight’s joke.

 If anyone has another joke they’d like to see my answers too, feel free to post it in the comments and I might use it next week.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday night jokes

When is Thursday like Wednesday? When I lose track of the days. While that might not be a good joke, it is, unfortunately, the truth, somehow I forgot that last night was Wednesday night.

 I’ve decided to bring back a few old jokes for tonight, since it’s almost winter, I thought you might enjoy these snowy jokes.




Why did the gambler start a snow removal business?

Because you can clean up with snow.


Why did the gambler in Alaska start a snow removal business?

He said it was a sure bet.


Was the snowman afraid of the snow shovel?

He was frozen stiff.


Why is a melting snowball like a spy?

They both came in from the cold.


Why did the snowball become a rouge spy?

Because is was out in the cold.


A priest, a snowman and a farmer walk into a police station in Hawaii to report a crime. The farmer and priest enjoy the warmth, while the snowman says “I feel like I’m being grilled.”




That’s all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed the jokes, thanks for reading!

Jokes for a Thursday night

I promise missed you a few jokes tonight, so here they are, enjoy!



Why do vampires enjoy elections?

They always need fresh blood.


 How many politicians does it take to make a joke?

Just one, every politician is a joke to begin with.




That’s all I could come up with tonight, thanks for reading.

Can’t we just get along?

First it was a drawn out election, now that the election is over, we half have a country complaining that their candidate lost, some are even trying to split up the USA, the others are just spitting.

 Isn’t it time that we put our differences aside, forge ahead and try to work out a compromise? Isn’t there some common ground that we can find? If not, I’m sure most people would settle for coffee grounds.

 Instead of people trying to make the best of things, the losing side is complaining and saying that the country has gone backwards, which is semi true, after all  we just set our clocks back over the weekend.

 There are no winners and losers, we’re one country, but we’re divided, we need to find the common ground and work from there. Maybe it’s hopeless, but it needs to be tried before everyone just gives up and….

Whoops, too late, it’s a new election cycle! The race for 2020 is underway! 


 In a completely unrelated note, I’d like to declare my candidacy for president in the 2032 election, by then I hope to have a bigger blog following.


 I’ll have jokes for you tomorrow night, thanks for reading.

Two jokes for November 2nd

It’s been another quick week, sorry about the lack of posts, that’s going to be changing soon.


 Why do monsters enjoy the beginning of November?

Because it’s the scariest time of the year because of elections.


 What does a cat have to do to become the best dairy farmer of the year?

He has to be the cream of the crop.

I hope you enjoyed these two jokes, I’ll try to have more than two next week, thanks for reading! 


Thursday night jokes

These jokes should have been for yesterday, but this week is going fast and I forgot.




How do you scare a ghost?

Tell it the choices in the election.


What do you get if you cross a politician with a vampire… oops, sorry those are the same thing.


What happened when the politician hired a spirit as its campaign manager?

The politician had a ghost of a chance at winning.


What did everyone ask after two witches ran against each other for office?

Which witch won?


Why did the monsters all refuse to celebrate Halloween this year?

They were too scared of the political campaigns.


I hope you enjoyed these jokes. Thanks for reading!

2016 Halloween theme game updates

This post has been a long time coming, mostly because game developers have been slow to get their Halloween themes out. Now that the are out, I’ve taken the time to play these games and see what, if anything, is new this year.





One of my favorite games, they also have a very nice Halloween theme, with spooky music, ghosts in the fishing area, lot of fun decorations and the promise of a special event with a special Halloween prize.

 If you’ve been putting off getting into Hayday, or if you’ve played it and have taken a break from it, this is a great time to start playing again.




Temple Run 2:

Another of my favorite games, this year they have added a Halloween update that changes everything.

 All the characters have had a Halloween upgrade that has turned them into monsters! Plus there is a special character for Halloween, the wolfman!

 The map has changed as well, now there are moving ghosts, tombstones and lots of other Halloween themed additions to the map, one warning however, it can be distracting at first.

 TempleRun has also recently added a globe event with prizes,  this month they are Halloween themed prizes.



Jetpack Joyride:


Yes, even Jetpack Joyride got into the Halloween spirit this year, with a Halloween themed background, flying jacks-o-lanterns special prizes and two interesting things after a quick revive: a new costume and a ride on a bone dragon.

The special prizes are only during the event, so there are only about 11 days left, give or take a few hours.



 These are the games I think are worth playing just because of the Halloween update,  I tried a few others and they weren’t good enough to merit mentioning.

 I hope you give these games a try and enjoy the Halloween season.

Thanks for reading!