2016 Halloween theme game updates

This post has been a long time coming, mostly because game developers have been slow to get their Halloween themes out. Now that the are out, I’ve taken the time to play these games and see what, if anything, is new this year.





One of my favorite games, they also have a very nice Halloween theme, with spooky music, ghosts in the fishing area, lot of fun decorations and the promise of a special event with a special Halloween prize.

 If you’ve been putting off getting into Hayday, or if you’ve played it and have taken a break from it, this is a great time to start playing again.




Temple Run 2:

Another of my favorite games, this year they have added a Halloween update that changes everything.

 All the characters have had a Halloween upgrade that has turned them into monsters! Plus there is a special character for Halloween, the wolfman!

 The map has changed as well, now there are moving ghosts, tombstones and lots of other Halloween themed additions to the map, one warning however, it can be distracting at first.

 TempleRun has also recently added a globe event with prizes,  this month they are Halloween themed prizes.



Jetpack Joyride:


Yes, even Jetpack Joyride got into the Halloween spirit this year, with a Halloween themed background, flying jacks-o-lanterns special prizes and two interesting things after a quick revive: a new costume and a ride on a bone dragon.

The special prizes are only during the event, so there are only about 11 days left, give or take a few hours.



 These are the games I think are worth playing just because of the Halloween update,  I tried a few others and they weren’t good enough to merit mentioning.

 I hope you give these games a try and enjoy the Halloween season.

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A joke for Wednesday, October 19th

Two quick jokes for tonight:


 After a heated debate, two candidates entered a bar and ordered a drink, the bartender shook his head, saying “We don’t serve clowns or bloodsuckers here, and you two both qualify as each.”


 A politician had had a long day of drumming up votes, on his way back to his hotel, he decided to cut through a graveyard to save some time. As he was walking past a grave, a ghost appeared. The ghost took one look at who was walking past before running away screaming in fear.


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It’s fall?

It’s fall? How did that happen?

 This has been a quick year and not a very good year for my blog, I’ve missed too many posts, but I’m planning on getting back on track soon. I’m going to do my best not to trip up this fall.

I’m going to try to ease back into blogging over the next few weeks. You can look forward to a few new jokes and a few other interesting posts over the coming weeks.

Thanks for sticking with my blog even with the lack of posts.

How cats see the Olympics 

Now that the Olympics are beginning to wind down, you might be getting sick and tired of them, but do you know how your cat sees them? Read on to find out:


——– ———————-

Sprint: I can run faster in my sleep.


Golf: Mark Twain once said golf is a good walk ruined, I say golf is a good sleep to watch.


 Swimming: Humans are fools, who wants to get wet? They probably stay out in the rain too.


Volleyball: I can do the same thing with a mouse, now who deserves a gold medal?


Gymnastics: Now that’s a sport! Now if they would just do it with a mouse in their mouths.


Wrestling: ehh, I can do better, want to try me?


Soccer: same as volleyball, I’d do it with a mouse and on stairs.


Discus: they give medals for dog owners now? What’s next? Synchronized fish feeding?


High jump: not bad, but I can jump higher, just give me a reason to.


————— ————-

While there are many other sports in the Olympics, these are the only ones I was able to get answers from a cat before he returned to watching golf.

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