Easter game update

I’m running last with this post, I apologize, but once again some games were late with their update.


Jetpack Joyride: this update has a simple run and gather the Easter eggs mission, only there is less than ten days to get them, the prizes are okay, but other than a special suit and head, nothing exciting.


Hayday: hayday hasn’t done as well with their seasonal updates lately, but they do have a few decorations you can buy for Easter.


HappyStreet: this game is a favorite of mine now (thank you LittleMonsterGirl!) and they have pretty good special events, while it started a while ago, the Easter buildings are new and fun, including a new house which gives you rabbit people on your street.


Gardenscapes: another tough event, however if you are good at the game and have plenty of time to waste, it might be worth playing.


Thanks for reading and enjoy playing some games!


2016 Halloween theme game updates

This post has been a long time coming, mostly because game developers have been slow to get their Halloween themes out. Now that the are out, I’ve taken the time to play these games and see what, if anything, is new this year.





One of my favorite games, they also have a very nice Halloween theme, with spooky music, ghosts in the fishing area, lot of fun decorations and the promise of a special event with a special Halloween prize.

 If you’ve been putting off getting into Hayday, or if you’ve played it and have taken a break from it, this is a great time to start playing again.




Temple Run 2:

Another of my favorite games, this year they have added a Halloween update that changes everything.

 All the characters have had a Halloween upgrade that has turned them into monsters! Plus there is a special character for Halloween, the wolfman!

 The map has changed as well, now there are moving ghosts, tombstones and lots of other Halloween themed additions to the map, one warning however, it can be distracting at first.

 TempleRun has also recently added a globe event with prizes,  this month they are Halloween themed prizes.



Jetpack Joyride:


Yes, even Jetpack Joyride got into the Halloween spirit this year, with a Halloween themed background, flying jacks-o-lanterns special prizes and two interesting things after a quick revive: a new costume and a ride on a bone dragon.

The special prizes are only during the event, so there are only about 11 days left, give or take a few hours.



 These are the games I think are worth playing just because of the Halloween update,  I tried a few others and they weren’t good enough to merit mentioning.

 I hope you give these games a try and enjoy the Halloween season.

Thanks for reading!

More seasonal updates

Tonight I have one last bunch of games that have had a seasonal update, enjoy!
Laura Croft: Relic Run
Another game released a Christmas themed update, Laura Croft Relic Run. The update isn’t as major of an update as some, as far as I can tell they only gave her a Santa suit and no other changes. That said, there may be something on a level farther on than I am.

 If you are already playing Relic Run er, than get the update, if you aren’t playing it, it’s not a major enough upgrade to get you playing.
Subway surfers:
Subway surfers is a game I just recently stumbled across, it’s the next I wish I had known earlier. Right now it also has a Christmas theme, you’re running at the North Pole, trying to escape from Santa Clause after he catches you spray painting a subway tunnel wall… plus I think you’re now on the naughty list.

 While the graphics are a tad cartoonish, it’s a fun game to waste a few minutes with.
Cradle of Empires:
Cradle of Empires latest update includes a Christmas theme to its challenges. As you search for items to help build the ancient civilization, you can find colored candy canes which can be turned in for something I have not yet gotten far enough to know. It is somewhat fun, but candy canes and decorated trees in the ancient desert setting are a bit odd.
I hope you’ve enjoyed these game update posts.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!

Seasonal updates: Angry Gran Run

The second in my series of seasonal updates to games:

Angry Gran Run has released the Christmas Village update. It’s not much different from the past two years, the scenery is great and it is still fun, however there is no new character this year.

 The graphics are improved from last year and the gameplay is smooth, two things that are big improvements from previous versions.

 I do enjoy Angry Gran Run, however I haven’t played it as much this month as I have previously.

 I do recommend this game, however if you’re looking for something new and have played Angry Gran Run before, you may want to look elsewhere.


Thanks for reading!

Seasonal updates: Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run2

Today I want to start off my series of winter and Christmas themed game reviews with Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run, both of which have had major updates.

Jetpack joyride 



 Jetpack joyride is always a fun game, this year they added Christmas themes to the back ground, including wreaths, stockings and the scientists themselves have been decorated with mistletoe, beards and reindeer horns.

 While not a big deal, these few things make the game even more fun for the season.

 I heartily recommend playing this game this year.

Temple run 2

 This year there has been a major upgrade to temple run 2, it is called Frozen Shadows.

 Now you get to run through an icy, snow covered world. There are several new obstacles to get around, new clothes for the characters and even a new series of relics to find in treasure chests.

 While there isn’t any Christmas event going on yet, it’s likely that there will be one in another week or so.

 I recommend playing Temple Run 2 whenever possible, you won’t be disappointed with this update!
 Thanks for reading, now get playing!

Halloween games for 2015

I’ve been waiting to write this post about games to play to get into the Halloween spirit until more games released updates.

 I hope this post gives you a few ideas for relaxation over the next two weeks:



 Hayday, the farming game, released the Halloween update a few days ago.

 The costumes on the Chickens, Cows, Goats, Pigs and Sheep are great once again.

 The ghost in the fishing area gives you gifts if you tap it, the worst thing is it can be hard to spot.

 Growing jack-o-lanterns instead of pumpkins is a great idea, it is also fun to watch them be harvested and flipping over.

There are a number of other fun things to spot in the game, I heartily recommend playing it.

Angry Gran Run


Angry Gran Run has a Halloween theme again, there is still about a week to play and find enough skulls to unlock the skeleton costume.

 The street background is great once again, there are many different Halloween props here and there.  From pumpkins to ghosts, it’s well worth playing and playing often to catch all of the things. I’m not positive, but I think there is even a jack-o-lantern from a turnip in there.

Rail Rush


 While not a special update, this game also has a special world for Halloween. Called horror land, you get to ride your ore cart around ghosts, over evil looking roots and many more spooky obstacles. It’s well worth playing at least once.

 While I don’t play this game everyday, I am trying to play it more often. One thing I found is that it is easier to play on a phone than on a tablet, however that is just personal preference.


Unfortunately those are the only three games that really put out a Halloween theme. I had hoped that Temple Run would do something, however it seems like Halloween isn’t a popular holiday to release a special theme for.

Thanks for reading!

Random thoughts and news for Friday, October 2nd

I have an assortment of random thoughts and bits of news for you tonight, I hope you find it interesting!


 Do you play games on your phone or tablet? Of course you do! Now go and download Jetpack Joyride! This game has a month long event going that transforms it to one of the greatest movie franchises ever, Back To The Future! Yes, complete with hover boards and a time traveling DeLorian! 

Are you still reading this? Great Scott!  What are you waiting for, download it, it’s not a heavy decision!


Even thought it’s now October, not many games have released Halloween themed editions of their games yet, which is kind of odd, but I’m sure within a week or so there will be many updates.


 Speaking of updates, it seems like every company is releasing new gadgets, that means new features to learn and new bugs to deal with, not all of the bugs will be distinguishable from features and vise versa.


 It’s October, or as many people think of it, Halloween month. All this month I’m reviewing suitable books and stories on my book review site, the first one will be going up this weekend.

Take a look: https://colinscritiques.wordpress.com


Looking for a great spooky movie to watch this month? I suggest any and all of the Universal pictures from the 1930s and 1940s. While not bloody like modern movies, they have a certain something that modern movies just can’t match.


 That’s about all I have to share with you tonight. I hope you found these things interesting.

Thanks for reading!

More Christmas distractions

Since I wrote my post a week ago about games with a christmas theme, several more have suddenly released new versions with Christmas spirit.

TempleRun 2

Once again you can run as Santa Claus, this year you can also run as Mrs Claus.
I do enjoy TempleRun 2, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a quick distraction.

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is a game similar to TempleRun and Angry Gran Run, only you ride in a mine car.
There is a winter/Christmas world you can ride through, but that seems to be the only thing Christmasy in the game.
This is a fun game, but watch out for the falling candy canes.

Panda pop

This is just you normal bubble popping game, only at the end of each level the panda wears a Santa hat.
This isn’t a bad game, if you like bubble popping games it might be worth taking a look at.

These are the games I’ve tried over the past week with Christmas themes. I hope you can find a bit of fun with one of them.
Feel free to offer your opinions in the comments.
That’s for reading!

Christmas distractions

Need a bit of a break from the stress of shopping? Need s bit of fun before you get back to baking cookies? I have the answer for you.
Every year many games release an update with a seasonal theme. I’m going to give my two cents worth on a few of them:


Hayday once again has their winter/Christmas decorations out. While this is a game that requires a fair amount of time to play, it does manage to drag you in and keep your attention.
I heartily recommend this game to anyone who has the time to play it.

Angry Gran Run

Once again this endless running game has released a winter theme. This year it’s even better than last year with the addition of a secondary game within it, if you can find 100 candy canes this month you win the Santa Claus costume to run in.
This is another game I can whole heartedly recommend.

Xmas swipe

A simple connect the pictures game, you swipe your finger over an image, say a Christmas tree, the more you can connect the more points you get and the more time you have, you can connect them diagonally.
This isn’t a bad game, but it didn’t keep my attention very long.

Christmas sweeper 2

This game is a Christmas themed match three plus game, like many of the popular games out there.
If you like this kind of game you’ll enjoy this one, as long as you can put up with all the ads in it.

Winter slider
This game takes a slightly different approach to the typical connect game in that you move a whole row at a time. If you take too long on a move, it locks one tile, I’ve had it lock three or four at a time.
This isn’t a bad game, but it didn’t hold my attention too long.

Four pics one word

This game shows you four images that suggests a word. You get a bunch of letters to put together the word.
The daily challenge this month is Christmas related.
This game I recommend, it can be frustrating, but it makes you think.

I hope you’ll give a few of these games a try.
Do you have a favorite game with a winter theme? Is love to hear of it!
Thanks for reading!

Halloween is coming, relax

Halloween is coming, it’s almost here in fact. There are just a few more days until the horrors of the night, disguised of candy hungry children, will arrive… or is it children disguised as the horrors of the night?
If you dread the sound of your doorbell ringing because you’ve all ready eaten all of the candy you bought, here are a few ways you can enjoy the next few days.:


There’s nothing better than to waste a few minutes of your day playing a game to relax. Many game have released ‘halloween themed’ versions recently. Unfortunately most of these games seem to think just sticking a few pumpkins here and there makes it a halloween theme. Two game stand high above the rest:

1. HayDay: While this game takes much more attention than some others, they have decent halloween decorations. With tombstones, pumpkins, ghosts and animals in costumes along with other things (including a low spooky fog), it’s well worth the time.

2. Angry Gran Run: This game has gone well past placing a few random pumpkins. With floating skulls, spiders and much more, it has become an amazingly fun game to play.

I play HayDay everyday, I admit it, so of course I’m saying that it’s worth playing. However I hadn’t played Angry Gran Run for a few months before noticing the halloween update. I enjoyed it much more than I expected and I can see myself making it a standard part of my game playing. It’s developer has made major leaps since I last played it that take it far from a Temple Run knockoff.
Oddly enough TempleRun2 hasn’t had an update for Halloween yet, I’m hopeful that they might have one at the last minute.


What’s better than sitting back and reading a good book? For halloween there are a few classics that are must reads.

1. Frankenstein: The book is nothing like any of the movies. I can’t say that it’s better or worse. The story shows much more of the monster’s side of events.
It’s worth reading at least once.
2: Dracula: What other book is a must read before Halloween? It’s an interesting book, a bit slow in parts. This book is also nothing like the movies that have been made, though that is not a bad thing. If you like bats, medical mysteries and vampires you should read t now.

There are many other classic books worth reading right now, the Invisible Man, Varney the Vampire and nearly any other victorian era horror stories, however these two are among the best known.


What’s Halloween without watching a good old horror movie?
The old Universal horror movies are all great spooky movies to watch. The many Dracula movies from the 1930s are a great place to begin. The Frankenstein series from the same era should be read as well. The Wolfman, the Invisible Man are two other 1930s horror movie series that everyone should watch.
Looking for something in color with a bit more horror? Check into the Hammer horror films from the 1950s. Most of them star the great Peter Cushing and all deserve to be watch.

Thanks for reading.
Have any suggestions? Please comment.