Random thought for December 13th

Even though I’m running late tonight I did promise a post tonight. It might not be funny as I had hoped, but I think it might cause you to think. Which can be just as good.

Friday the 13th is a day most consider unlucky. Now I’m not denying or confirming that any given Friday that happens to be the 13th of the month is unlucky, I want to focus on another date that I’d think would be counted as just as unlucky: Friday the 31st.
Why do I think that a Friday the 31st is as bad as a Friday the 13th you ask? Well, here’s a list;

  • it has the same numbers, just reversed, that should make it unlucky by itself.
  • it’s the last day of the month, which means if you forgot to do something you’re out of luck.
  • it’s followed by the 1st of the month, when everyone has bills due.
  • I’ve never understood why it’s only a 13th falling on Friday that’s unlucky, you’d think all 13ths would be. Perhaps it’s something to do with Fridays being unlucky, but I can’t see why anyone would call Fridays unlucky, they begin the weekend for lots people, which I’d call lucky myself.
    So next time someone tells you that Friday the 13th is unlucky, ask them about Friday the 31st.

    Thanks for reading and I welcome your thoughts.

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